2900 East 65th owned by Miodrag (mike) Bugarcic

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2900 East 65th owned by Miodrag (mike) Bugarcic

Last night a big empty factory burned down at 2900 East 65th St. The Plain Dealer sent a "reporter"  to take pictures of the big blaze against the night sky. But the real story about the building and its owner "Mike" Miodrag Bugarcic wasn't mentioned. Mr. Bugarcic was arrested 6 weeks ago for shooting an alleged intruder at the property twice, although the victim of the shooting, claimed he was outside the building. He was also in intensive care and the "reporter" Brandon Blackwell who covered that story promised to follow up with his updated condition. Still waiting on that of course. Also according to another "reporter" Cory Shaffer, Mr. Bugarcic told the police, who found a 9MM handgun in his coat pocket, he shot the man with a rifle in his car. Mr. Bugarcic had a court date this morning March 26 facing 2 charges of felonious assault. And last night his building burns down. Wow. Not as much fun to cover as all those flames shooting into the night sky in the ghetto. "Mike" owes $17,731 in back property taxes on that property. So can the taxpayers who PAY their taxes send him a bill for the services of the CFD. Wonder if he will be filing an insurance claim on the property destroyed by a "mysterious" tragic fire. And he owns a portfolio of 36 other run down ghetto properties mostly in the lovely Slavic Village neighborhood for which he owes an ADDITIONAL $95,053 in back property taxes. He has only been charged for building violations 3 times, in 2011, for which he received a slap on the wrist and a fine of $95.The ever vigilant housing court seems to have dropped the ball here. He has 160 other cases in housing court where he is the plaintiff in evictions. So he collects rent, doesn't pay any property taxes, he shoots someone, is out on bond, probably lives in his property in Parma 7466 Meadow which is the only property where he has attempted to pay down a giant past due balance. This is Cleveland

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