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Latin Soul Ballroom

  There is an energy that is thriving and growing in NEO--

does it have to be in Middleburg Heights???


laura chriss all lets going dancing sophia wants to dance

sophia honey yoga and guy - TRUTH - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL


Sorry Guy--it will have to be you and I--Chris is not a dancer.  I owe you dinner or lunch for your sage advice :)

laura sophia will shapirone (spelling) us

sophia honey yoga and guy - TRUTH - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL

Green Kitchen - opening across Aragon - now we need dancing

First Look: The Green Kitchen is "Ohio City’s" Newest Vegan Spot

John Hagerty has built a following creating vegan specialties in bars like Little Rose Tavern. Now, he’s expanding his creations at Ohio City’s new vegan restaurant. By Danny Cunningham