Beta male EPA DICTATOR Craig Butler

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Beta male EPA DICTATOR Craig Butler

Ohio EPA Dictator beta male Craig Butler considers poor black women contracting BREAST CANCER from a toxic dump he approved at 1705 Noble Road in East Cleveland to be victims of nothing more than a lot of false information. As a member of the Dangerous Wild Animal Board and an appointee of soon to be former governor Kasich, he is familiar with troublesome mammals. The site filled with toxic carcinogenic debris, according to Mr. Butler POSES NO HEALTH RISKS. To Dictator Butler the site is merely a noisy eyesore. I wonder if Mr. Butler would feel the same way if this 4 story 6 acre poisonous pile of asbestos and lead paint were located directly behind the massive $400,000 home on 2 1/2 acres at 18550 Winchester Road in all white Ashville Ohio he shares with his lovely wife Tammi. Maybe some of that perfectly safe toxic asbestos trash could be dumped on the giant tree filled field behind his home.

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No Toxins - We swear - we're the REAL Media



Here's Craig's house - no worries!!!


CRAIG BUTLER is NO environmental hero - HE is a cold-blooded killer...

From Eric J. Brewer:

Notice how there is absolutely no mention of the role Jim Riffle and I played in pressuring Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler to shut down and clean up the highly-carcinogenic dump at Noble Road. This is how the Plain Dealer has covered me for years. The same with the so-called mainstream media.

Had I not shared all I've shared with you since Jim and I got involved with Harry Drummond, Willie Morrow and the Noble Road residents, you'd not know that any other parties played a role in thieclosing and clean-up but the wonderful director of the Ohio EPA who told State Senator Kenny Yuko that it didn't matter if your mother died of cancer, Halicia Yarbrough. I fucking dare the Plain Dealer to ask Kenny to confirm that Butler said your mother and Barbara Garner would have died anyway of cancer. Now they're pumping up Butler's image like he's a hero for letting the dump open in the first place. He failed to test the "fugitive dust." He lied to U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge when he wrote that there was no asbestos at the site. Now he's a hero in the "white" media.

The dump is closed. It's being cleaned up. The residents of Noble Road will get some relief, but the impact of the toxins will be felt on them and everyone else around the site for a long time to come. The Plain Dealer isn't reporting if Ohio Department of Health director Richard Hodges is going to conduct epidemiology studies of the affected area and medical tests.

Now you know why I don't deal with the Plain Dealer or the television stations. If you learn nothing else from me, you should know not ever to trust the Plain Dealer, WKYC, WOIO, WEWS, FOX8, Sun News or Cleveland Scene. Those media outlets do not represent this community as they're all corporate controlled and not locally owned. They have no interest in truth only agendas and manipulation.

The dump is closed. The contamination will eventually subside. Lives already lost can't be reclaimed. Health already impaired may or may not be restored. But contamination going forward is at least on its way to an end. Just not yet.

The question now is who's going to jail?

He is a killer

He is a killer you're correct Mr. Brewer