Beta Male Craig Butler sent TWO girls to EC dump meeting

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Beta Male Craig Butler sent TWO girls to EC dump meeting

Ohio EPA Dictator beta male Craig Butler afraid of unpleasant questions about his role in approving the 6 story MOUNTAIN of cancer causing toxins on Noble Road in East Cleveland sent not one but TWO girls in his stead to the townhall on June 12 at the EC Sally Ann. The two girls, Assistant Regional Co-Ordinator of EPA Misinformation Billie Jean and her trusty sidekick Susie Q raced to the front of the hall where they spent 15 minutes yucking it up with a couple of sweaty white guys in business suits before the meeting began. After an hour long circle jerk starting with the White Kennys, one from the Ohio house and one from the Ohio Senate, who desperately tried to pull out their EC street cred by mentioning their connection to long gone EC churches that were on the border of the property where the dump is now with a dizzying stream of references to elderly aunts, boy scouts and lawn mowing around the dump perimeter. Once THAT was out of the way and it's difficult to say whether the extremely respectful and polite audience actually fell for it, they paid homage to the so-called co-operation also heralded by the PD between various branches of the government THAT IN REALITY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING until former EC Mayor Eric Jonathan Brewer WHO WAS NOT MENTIONED ONCE exposed the whole sorry disaster and forced their hands. They blamed the usual suspects: busy schedules, not enough regulations,lack of funding, the evil state budget run by evil Republicans who cut funding that would pay to clean it up, but NOT ONCE did they mention that Craig Butler signed and AUTHORIZED the site as a PTIO for "WOOD CONCRETE AND CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS STORAGE PILES" on August 20, 2014 that started this disaster. Does that sound like recycling to you? Me either. It was NOT a long festering problem dating back to the Dickensian 19th century, not a smoldering cauldron of lead paint and steel industry run-off. It was a harmless cement pad in the spring of 2014 when the OHIO EPA, the Land Bank and the city of East Cleveland CO-OPERATED and approved it. AS A DUMP! And then they ALL turned their backs on the residents of Noble Road as the mountain grew higher and higher. They CO-OPERATED by not returning phone calls as the residents of Noble Road, who could no longer use their front or back porches in the summer, who were contracting cancer at an alarming rate, kept calling and asking for it to be shut down and removed. The residents were basically told to shut the fuck up.

After the Kennys left the stage, promising, maybe, $6.25 million or $3 million or nothing and to throw everyone off the track they went deep into the weeds about budget reconcilliation and other boring government procedures that no one understands, not promising if the money would be approved this year or next year, OR EVER it was Billie Jean's turn onstage. She of course celebrated the CO-OPERATION of all the guilty parties but without mentioning that the dump should NEVER have been approved in a RESIDENTIAL area IN THE FIRST PLACE. BY CRAIG BUTLER. She said the EPA miraculously HAS $1 million and they are going to start with "Phase One" which the EPA has decided to use to remove all the concrete and asphalt. I didn't stay for the questions but one does wonder how THAT will be ferreted out from the rest. It's also the cheapest to remove and the LEAST TOXIC. "Phase 2" is ALL the rest, the asbestos, the gyprock, the drywall, the freon from refrigerators, the lead paint, the dead and living rats, the bugs, the noxious odors, the endless poison dust, the metaphorical dead bodies will JUST HAVE TO WAIT.

As an aside Billie Sue said that there is NO MONEY to "regulate" recycling depots, only landfills! WOW. REALLY??!! With thousands of overpaid EPA 'workers" spread across the state of Ohio in 5 different locales they have no money for anything other than paychecks. So it seems that the Landbank CO-OPERATED with the Ohio EPA by just calling the Arco DUMP a recycling depot. What's in a name after all? Well in this case EVERYTHING. 

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Drain the EPA swamp

I smell lawsuits - Arco agent removed herself from this mess

Brundson bailed out of Arco LLC and 1718 Noble Rd LLC on May 18.


FROM Eric J Brewer:


Instead of trying to make Ohio EPA director Craig Butler look like a hero for closing the Noble Road toxic dump he should never have allowed to open and remain open, reporters in town should be looking at him the same way Michigan's attorney general is looking at health and human services director who screwed up in Flint, Michigan. As a fucking killer.

Michigan's director of health and human services, Nick Lyons (left), has been charged with "involuntary manslaughter" for the people of Flint who died drinking poisoned water. Barbara Garner and Ruthie Yarbrough lived near the dump and have died from lung cancers. Butler gave 1705 Noble Road's operators licenses to run a recycling facility. After the first inspection in August 2014 employees under Butler's supervision observed that no material was being separated or recycled. Instead of shutting him down at the first sign of a violation of the license, EPA and Cleveland Division of Air and Water Pollution Control offered technical assistance to show George Michael Riley how to separate construction materials he never intended to separate. Butler didn't shut him down after the 2nd inspection or the 24th. He never tested the "fugitive dust" found by inspectors under Natoya Walker's supervision of Cleveland's division of air pollution control. Butler did, indeed, write to U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge that there was no asbestos at 1705 Noble Road.

Notice how the media in this town isn't covering the Noble Road dump like the media covered Flint's poisoned water. Reporters to me look like fools for turning Butler, a criminal, into a hero. What did the Plain Dealer do? Praise Butler in a gotdamned editorial for his fast response. Ridiculous. They'll report any lie to ignore me.

This was the second time Butler fucked Ohioans as the state's EPA director. He let the residents of Sebring outside Youngstown drink lead-poisoned water for almost 6 months before they were officially notified that their drinking water was slowly sickening and killing them.

Of course reporters won't mention this major Butler screw-up. Who knows? The Ohio EPA might have hired an "AdvanceOhio" reporter to make the agency and Butler look good. AdvanceOhio owns the Plain Dealer and Reporters like Mark Naymik describe themselves as "political consultants." They help candidates and politicians develop the right message to influence voters their way. It doesn't matter if they're qualified as long as AdvanceOhio gets paid.

Don't be deceived by the historical rewrite from untrustworthy Cleveland reporters. Butler is no hero. He's an unindicted criminal who should be prosecuted by Ohio Attorney General Richard Michael DeWine just like Lyons is being prosecuted by the attorney general in Michigan.

Below is a link to the story about Lyons. He's been charged with manslaughter just like the other Michigan health officials referenced in the story. The charges are appropriate. His dereliction of duty resulted in people dying. Butler should be next, but this is Ohio. Racism in this mutha fucka is a bitch.

Ohio was once the number #1 KKK state in the nation. 400,000 strong in the 1920's. Don't think Cleveland's newspapers and television stations haven't been infiltrated by editors and reporters who have a "KKK mindset." Only a fool sees Butler as a hero.…/top-michigan-health-offi…/…

EPA gave permit for stockpile