Hospitals advertize

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 09/01/2009 - 14:39.
Hospitals  advertize


Isn’t there something wrong with hospital’s advertizing?   A generation ago hospital’s didn’t advertize; what has happened?
Let’s take the University Hospital Rainbow babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.
From their web site, UH states:
"Vision. Where we are going.
We will lead our industry in developing and delivering the next generation of consumer-driven health care."
This UH “vision”  is a very frank statement. 
 UH describes itself as an “INDUSTRY” that “delivers”   to “CONSUMERS”.   This makes UH exactly like Exxon-Mobil and General Electric.
Does the fact that UH is a not-for-profit, and Exxon and GE are for profit, make any difference?
Let’s get back to the big painted billboard in the image.  
The sign is illuminated all night by (10) 1,500 watt unmetered flood lights.  When I took the image on August 18, 2009 in bright sunlight at 4:00pm (2) of the 10 flood lights were on.  
86% of electricity in Ohio is generated by coal.  For its part, UH’s Medical Center Company coal fired power plant is one of the top 10 air pollution contributors in Cuyahoga County (see list of criteria air pollution contributors in Cuyahoga County). Air pollution is a cause/contributor to asthma and other pulmonary diseases. Children are particularly susceptible to asthma.  Even without day burners, these lights consume aprox. 5,400 KWH of electricy per month. 
(I called to speak with Cleveland Publlic Power - the supplier of the electricity - and was on hold for 32 minutes- that investigation is for another day}
Children are “CONSUMERS” of UH’s Rainbow and Babies services.
When I started writing this report I was going to say that lighting a big hospital sign all night didn’t make any sense.
I have talked myself out of that viewpoint.
Honestly, whether or not you think hospitals should be advertizing, this sign - being electrically illuminated - is a disgrace.   Between increased asthma, global warming, power used for advertizing rather than for someone's winter heat....on and on...  UH  - please pull the plug immediately.


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the other one

JBuster, I bet that UH is using the other electric company (is it the Illuminating Company? I can't remember after all the takeovers, mergers, Etc). Also, UH doesn't provide free care and sends the asthmatic kids over to MetroHealth.  

CPP CIE 1st Energy

Hello dwebb,

When I get a minute, I will check the CPP service area maps.  Is Tremont CPP or CEI/1st?


 Both are available in Tremont though CPP had limits on new subscribers. I am pretty sure that Jacobs Field (now called something else) is CEI. Large institutions supporting big powers. another subject, another time.

Looks like CEI

this is the meter for the painted billboard signs on the south and east faces of the cold storage building.


See that little CEI under the bar code?  Bet this is CEI territory as dwebb has suggested.  I'll bet the electrical territories in Cleveland are divied up like the hospital territories. 

Where the customers can/do pay, those go to Clinic, UH and CEI.

In the poverty areas, the customers to  Metro, and CPP.

Show me this is just a conspiracy theory - and not just good business.


 Those customers, UH & Cleveland Clinic enjoy tax exempt status, and many other tax payer based give aways. I was really pissed about the Gateway complex being funded by the sin tax, and tax abated and who do they use for all those high powered lights around the ball field that burn so bright upon an empty stadium: CEI.

Left handed kid - Eternity - Microsoft & Poland


Back to commercial images - a very complex and omnipresent – and omnipotent – and integral influence in our every perception.
The glasses poll and the Scotts poll earlier here on Realneo were  casual explorations into how to demonstrate that we are brainwashed beyond  submission.
So, race aside, advertizing is a big business. I’ll bet that UH pays $30,000 per month for this ad (to the Cold storage owner) – visible to north east bound traffic on I90.
And UH has to have this ad come back on their balance sheet.
Do you think the  left handed little blond boy(?) wrapped in a blanket is  an accidental feature?


left handed in a smock

a little left handed blond boy in an artist smock with private insurance that does graffiti but wears gloves.

I still just don't get the Scott's process or the glasses thing. Care to say more?

little boy

in the smock could be a little girl.