I have a DREAM

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I have a DREAM

Martin Luther King celebration at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame --Monday, January 16, 2012.

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Great Turnout at IWASM, MLK Day 2014


Today, I rushed down to hear Stephanie Wilson speak at the International Women's Air and Space Museum - so glad I took the bus, as parking rates were $5.00 -20.00 range...and even getting dropped off would have been a hassle.  Inspiring presentation and so nice to see a large turn out that included many, many young girls.

Question session was lively - with kids asking about food on the shuttle, aliens in space, and the future of space program.  Stephanie revealed that her parents encouraged her love of science and her father, an engineer, and a teacher gave her inspiration.  I also passed by the Rock Hall, where lines to get in stretched to the street. Then headed to the Great Lakes Science Center - which was brimming with families.  Average high attendance on a Saturday for the GLSC is in 2,000 range and today's attendance was expected to be close to 8,500+.

These are two great family attractions to remember - especially the International Women's Air and Space Museum - always FREE! Great place to spark young imaginations.