Kerruish Park

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Kerruish Park
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Kerruish Park and Redline Greenway

(NOTE: I expect this comment to be deleted - so I am recording here)

Mitchell Paul · Shaker Heights High School

This obviously good path has been delayed for 20 years by bicycle advocates... Compare this trail to kerruish Park where 1.5 miles of trail with parking and a bathroom facility were constructed by rj platten for 850,000 $. This like the towpath should have been completed 15 years ago at minimal expense. Now the cost is 10 millions per mile... For an asphalt trail!

The red line trail is so obvious and already improved.... Why the delay and expense...Land studio and cimpermans involvement. 

Please read all three Plain Dealer articles about Tim Donovan.... In 2000 completion was expected in 3-4 years. 

Idiot can't/doesn't maintain own property yet at board of zoning appeals he decides on billions. 

Great choice mayor Jackson! 

Cyclists have died on roads when safe trails could have been available. 

Hope you are at the party when anything is completed...long delay and expensive be damned. 

Another good example of a land studio and cimperman project is the 763,000 skate park (half the claimed 15,000 ft Sq). .. Enough to have built skate parks in every Cleveland neighborhood. 

Updated 1/13/2021:

OLIN likely contracted for CLE parks



Documenter Nick Ventura flagged an interesting project discussed during a recent Cleveland Board of Control meeting. The city wants to hire a consultant to help it produce a citywide parks and recreation master plan, something that could lead to a needed makeover to  neighborhood landscapes. The city wants to hire the design firm Olin Partnership, which has done work here and across the country. You can find more details and the city resolution about hiring Olin here.