Never on Sunday EDEN property tax EXEMPT hospital of the week

Never on Sunday Exclusive property tax EXEMPT EDEN hospital

This shiny new OFFICE building transferred for FREE from Mount Pleasant Now!!! in 2009 to the Emerald Development and Economic Network BEFORE IT WAS EVEN BUILT IN 2011 is the property tax EXEMPT private hospital of the week. Much like a private club it is locked down on Sunday. But during the busy working week, it is apparently occupied so to speak, by the Life Exchange Center. Operating WITHOUT a license since JANUARY 2016, it nevertheless still cashes in on goobermint funds, $250,000 in 2014. Try to discern if you will exactly WHAT it does from the IRS 990 or the Section 3 from their now cancelled license from the Ohio Secretary of State. This private hospital with an assessed value of $772,300 according to the Cuyahoga County fiscal office pays NO property taxes. On a derelict strip along Kinsman of vacant lots and abandoned commercial buildings, one DOES wonder who exactly put up the funding for this office building, oops I mean private PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT hospital. Community development block grant slush fund perhaps. 

Next week's private PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT hospital of the week is located at 2901 Archwood. It is the PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT hospital of the new millenium. It really has it all. Trust me.