Tale of Two Clevelands

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 07/13/2009 - 01:02.
Tale of Two Clevelands

There are certainly places in Cleveland where people very much enjoy our greatest natural resource, Lake Erie. To the East or West, rich or poor, it offers pleasures and potential, as filthy as it may be and shall remain.

Do the Port Authority and their planners from New York City have a clue what is the potential of our Great Lake and lakefront? Have you seen any good plans?

Are we doing anything close to what we should to protect the environment of Lake Erie? Is this the Bluest Lake possible, for this brightest greenest place?

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 at Shoreby Club....!

Tale of 2 Clevelands, part 2

Shoreby is a trip.

I was in the middle of a conversation between some 20-somethings and some 60-somethings who all lived in Bratenahl and the discussion turned to the fact that people in Bratenahl had a free pass to speed under the last Police Chief, who resigned a few months ago and is in the PD today...

Former Bratenahl Police Chief Paul Falzone investigation findings sent to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason

Their community was designed to offer residents very special benefits.

Now, how does this fit in with the other corruption we have in other offices of government in Northeast Ohio, Ohio, America and the world. When the Plain Dealer holds Commissioner Dimora accountable for possible corruption, do they feel the same standards should apply to people who are well aware their police chief will allow them to break major laws, which may lead to fatalities?

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the illusion of justice

or elusive justice? right?

Its interesting how people can rationalize exceptions when they are the subject of the rule. Suddenly the rule is somehow silly or unreasonable and their justification for not abiding by it is more important.

And then there is simple greed - like in the case you mentioned above: A Plain Dealer investigation last year found that at least eight guns, thousands of dollars and large quantities of cocaine and heroin confiscated from suspects over the last decade went missing from the Bratenahl police property room.

This same double standard also applies to issues of class and government entitlements. The vile anger some have for people needing assistance is not directed towards corporations and industries receiving subsidies. Yet, the amount of assistance corporations and industries receive far surpasses the amount of assistance received by needy individuals. I guess you could argue that the corporate assistance benefits the public good, but with CEOs bringing in $500k +++ a year, that sorta doesn't make much sense.

And then there are those that simply lOVe rules. Rules, rules, rules, rules and you shoulds. Shoulds usually go hand in hand with rules. Oh the sweet poison of power.

Bastille Day July 14

  Rise up people--storm the Bastille :)
The French American Chamber recently enjoyed NEO hospitality at the Shoreby Club  How do we parle that event into Drupalcon Cleveland 2010!!!!  Need an ambassador or two???

Je parle fran├žais !!


Pack your bags, Laura

I like your thinking - REAL COOP/REALNEO needs to be at Drupalcon09 in Paris, and push for Drupalcon10 in NEO.

It's going in the budget for Cuyahoga County, I can tell you that right now.

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French Riviera or Cleveland???

  Possibly, the most beautiful header ever, Norm.  And, a reminder that NEO can be as beautiful as any place on Earth. 

I Love This Tale of 2 Clevelands

In memory of Citizen Ed Hauser

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is a really nice image, Norm.

Definitely my favorite of the 2 Clevelands

I wonder how the real traitors of our environment and community feel when they walk this beach, among the ashes of Citizen Hauser (this photo taken the evening they were spread).

To me, here, I feel nearer to Heaven... nearer to the stars.

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Hear Hear

what a gorgeous day in NEO !

a gorgeous day in NEO?

I had a new header ready for posting last night but can't get the image to upload - so here is a classic header for a rainy day.

When it comes to a gorgeous day in NEO, it is hard to top this one...

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