we drink our sewerage and don't mind a bit

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 04/25/2015 - 10:26.
we drink our sewerage and don't mind a bit

When Toledo had it's poisonous algal bloom last summer, we heard it was farm phosphates and manure run off which was feeding the algea.    Fertilizer stuff ran down the Maumee River....and into Lake Erie and my glass of drinking water.

Question:    How much manure and phosphate comes down the Cuyahoga River?    

Must be alot because the algal bloom in Lake Erie off of the City of Cleveland is pretty intense in the NOAA image above.   

Then again, maybe the manure and the phosphates are from the NEOSD discharge right off Edgewater Park.   

Does anyone really want to know?   

Could the green plumes in the image pin point the source?

Anyway, dilution is the solution to polution!



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Drinking our sewer water

  I wish kids understood the reality - NEORSD can't clean up everyone's mess- before the toilets empty to the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie - at the intake end -City of Cleveland Water Department has responsibility to treat the water and keep the massive infrastructure free from contamination and to deliver water that is contaminant-free to your faucets.  Let that sink in.

Cleveland drinking it up

 The Dealer's Rich Ewinger reports on North East Ohio's drinking water here .     

The use of the Cleveland Water Department's stand by generators as peak load back up for First Energy was a detail of which I was unaware.     Question: is the Water Department getting a fair payment for running these generators to help offset peak load demand?      

mixing up Rich Exner and James Ewinger

Hi Jeff - James Ewinger ran the article - but he, John Funk and Rich Exner are mother lode of environmental info at Plain Dealer, Northeast Ohio Media Group, Cleveland.com - whatever it is called these days.