YMCA property - primed for CHN-Eden scheme

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YMCA property - primed for CHN-Eden scheme

From Eric Jonathn Brewer - former Mayor of East Cleveland: Folk. What I've been sharing is just the tip of a huge iceberg of "aftermath" drama behind the FBI investigation of the city's building department.

A lot of you have had your properties "stolen" by city officials working with conspiring "CDC" players who used "sham processes" to take them. It includes officials leading the county auditor's office, sheriff, landbank, building, housing and community development departments as conspiring and colluding players.

Your properties were targeted. Inspectors were "sent" to write citations by Ronald O'Leary, child-molesting Michael Cosgrove, Matt Zone, Joe Tegreene, Jeff Ramsey and others to help developers like Forest City Enterprises led by Albert Ratner. That's Albert and councilman Tony Brancatelli wearing the "shades." I've been warned about Brancatelli.


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You were pressured into housing court before a complicit Ray Pianka. He died of a heart attack after federal agents visited him. There is a period of "years" where inspectors citing you did so with faked credentials that he and the current judge allowed in court. Their citations have not been investigated. Each citation issued by an uncertified inspector should have been voided and you released from all criminal penalties.

The people colluding to steal your properties are criminals and I'm using the words without fear or concern of being proved wrong. They've conspired with Cleveland Clinic to deliver properties torched by arson to be developed. Churches. Businesses. Homes. Torched. Boundaries that were drawn years ago where Cleveland Clinic was legislated by ordinance "not to develop" during George Forbes' years as council president have been criminally-violated.

The legislative "history" of our city has been ignored as old laws that are required to have been enforced were not; and are still not. No one looks to what was already done before moving forward. It's how we lost our free city hospital in 1957. It's how we lost our Cleveland Transit System in 1974. Thank God Dennis Kucinich had the fucking balls to fight to keep Muny Light.

What you've thought is real. Your properties were stolen by corrupt government officials whose only motivation was profit. How the fuck does Kenneth Tyson, a county landbank employee, end up with 5 foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar and two from HUD officials for free? How many other homes have HUD officials been giving away? Who are the HUD officials doing this and why aren't they being investigated? Who, besides Mansfield Frazier, did the late Ray Pianka "give" away a home like he did Dave and Marva Patterson's?

There's nothing wrong with the current federal investigation if it goes all the way to Cleveland Clinic and Forest City Enterprises, along with the Detroit Shoreway Corporation, Tremont Development and every other corrupt CDC board that's connected to the malicious and criminal harassment of people, predominantly black, out of their properties.

The investigation has to examine collusive HUD officials who I know have turned their backs on performing official federal oversight duties. Jorgelle Lawson out of the HUD Columbus office should have long ago demanded an investigation of Detroit Shoreway and Jeff Ramsey for submitting false time allocation sheets for federal fund reimbursements. Child-molesting Cosgrove never investigated them.

Frank. Council. This is the public hearing and congressional-like investigation that should begin 2019.

Frank. You and I both told James Rokakis to stop with the 3rd party tax lien sales as treasurer. That shit needs to end today; and it doesn't matter if Armond Budish backs it ... county council.

We had our property stolen after slavery. That shit ain't going down today. Fuck "ANY" mutha fucka who is involved in this shit; and fuck anyone who will do nothing while it continues to happen.

Everybody who lost a property has a Facebook page or can create one. You need to hunt these house stealing criminals down and expose them like the Jews chased NAZI extermination camp operators to the four corners of the earth until they were old and dying men. They snatched John Demjanjuk's ass out of his Cleveland wheelchair and took him to Germany for a trial.

Slavery didn't end. It morphed. The consciousness of oppressing and taking from the Descendants of Slaves in all our "colors" never ended; and will never end. You must never stop defending your "real" rights ... ever.

It's why this building department shit is so important to me. Here we have a city that's predominantly black with black people in power who participate and have allowed malicious folk like Rokakis and others to fuck us over.

The civil rights struggle wasn't just about these folk getting a job; and why the fuck anyone is afraid of Albert Ratner makes no sense to me. He's got money. So fucking what. You don't have to kiss his ass unless you like the taste of it.



Here are two Cleveland building department workers. The full-bearded man is Khalil Ewais who was just federally-indicted for using a city contractor to get his restaurant's driveway paved for $26,000 instead of $59,000 in exchange for city services. Navid Hussain has not been charged with any crime even though he used his job at the city to get two houses that building inspectors took from two Cleveland property owners that he resold for $200,000. I shared in a post yesterday that he was behind a building department work stoppage and couldn't understand why I was complaining about the free food and gift cards he and other employees received as bribes from contractors doing city business. Ewais appears to be from Palestine. Hussain is from India.

Ewais has been indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice. I am assuming, for now, that he was born in the Middle East and immigrated here. I could be wrong. I've found little on the internet to connect him to the USA other than college. There's nothing about where he was born or attended high school using an "English" translation. I haven't translated his name in Arabic. It would be like looking for "Mike Jones."

Hussain's FB page identifies Hyderabad, India as his place of birth. He has not been charged with committing any crimes although I know he's committing crimes as a building department employee.

In today's USA with Donald Trump as president, Ewais could face deportation upon his conviction and that is only "IF" he immigrated here from the Middle East. If the federal investigation of the building department leads to Hussain then he, too, could face deportation under Trump. Yes. Reading these words should put that level of fear in both men. This is a different place today than it was before and people from here are starting to see things differently because of Trump.

It's obvious from Ewais' indictment and both their published conduct that neither man has been a model citizen. We're trying to build up Cleveland and their tolerance for corruption and misconduct as public employees has criminally obstructed it.

Property owners of this city have complained for years that county and municipal workers were stealing their properties by targeting them for inspections and citations that resulted in charges filed against them in housing court. Our tax dollars are high in part because thieving public employees are inflating the cost of services to contractors with demands for cash, gifts and food. It's bad enough when citizens native to this nation engage in corruption. It's worse when foreign born citizens we've allowed to be naturalized and enjoy the opportunities of citizenship steal from us.

In this case we're talking about two "city of Cleveland" workers of foreign birth fucking over Clevelanders of natural birth to this nation. While I could be wrong the idea of a man from India getting a city job he uses to take homes from two Cleveland property owners, and then reselling them for a huge profit, offends me to my mutha fuckin' core when I think the stolen properties may have been that of Descendants of Slaves. When I think about all the forced servitude without any compensation; the taking of land; the deprivation of education; the lynchings; the deprivation of votes; the anti-black riots; the destruction of our business infrastructure and now the attack on black homeownership his conduct becomes even more offensive.

The biggest political mistake I ever made was to support Emmanuel Onunwor for mayor of East Cleveland. It took a huge chunk of time out of my life to undo it after I asked the FBI and Auditor of State Jim Petro to investigate him. He was born and raised in Nigeria. I served as his chief of staff. He knew "NOTHING" of our culture as citizens of this nation. He saw Forest Hill Park as land that can be used for a dump. He had no appreciation for it being once owned by the world's first billionaire. It made sense for him to con council into raising water and sewer rates by over 60 percent twice to cover the $3.2 million a year CH2M Hill / OMI contract that included his and Nate Gray's $300,000 a year bribe. His father was a "traditional ruler" in Nigeria. Bribery is how they roll. The reality is Emmanuel knew nothing of our constitution and laws even though he took an oath of office. Don't ever forget that I walked through the doors of city hall with him on his first day in office. I know exactly what he didn't know.

Think about it. Do any of you remember in 2000 when the electricity went out around 18th and Superior Avenue that affected the Plain Dealer and other buildings? I was wokring as the editor of Cleveland Life. The area was connected to an electrical panel in the building we were located in across the street from the Plain Dealer. A contractor working on the building hired Ukrainian electricians who couldn't read English. It meant they couldn't read the schematics and they crossed wires. How about a Chase Bank manager from Nigeria who never heard of a "power of attorney?" I met one who disregarded it until he got a call from the corporate office. "I never heard of such a thing," he said. "So why the fuck are you working in a bank with no awareness of the legal instruments of this nation?" Immigrants can't work everywhere just because they've earned degrees. There are areas where their cultural and language differences can cause real harm.

Hussain was the only employee complaining to Ayonna Donald about the free food and gift cards when she held a second meeting to tell them that both the food and gift cards were out. She originally said just the gift cards. She returned with an amendment after she got the "full" memo. Hussain couldn't make the full connect. Even this week he was behind employees not responding to people seeking permits because in his mind it's the holidays and public employees don't have to work as hard. So he criminally obstructed the official business of the city again by operating under India's more relaxed work environment. Relaxation to him meant not returning phone calls for people needing permits or from the mayor's office.

His conduct is reflective of a very basic cultural lack of understanding of the differences in work in the USA and India; as well as demonstrating no knowledge of the charter, ordinances, state and federal laws connected to his public employment. He'd probably think he has a right to a discrimination complaint if he got passed over for a promotion and not realize the only reason he isn't facing criminal charges is because the mayor's administration isn't being managed by two constitutions, general laws, the charter and ordinances of the nation, state and Cleveland. He doesn't respect the opportunity he's been given. This self-entitled dude probably thinks he earned the job and public employee "office" whose duties he's criminally obstructing.

Cleveland's building, housing and community development departments are full of unprosecuted and yet-to-be-discovered criminals who've been fucking over property owners and contractors. I'm not backing down off the word "criminals" because I know every fucking employee down there who ate food from a vendor and received a gift card or cash is a thief who's been obstructing the city's official business. Jack's Donuts Fridays should never have gotten started. You don't obstruct official business to eat donuts.

Consider public employees who have taken no oaths of office and some are operating with fake credentials. The credentials of every single employee operating in an official capacity where certification is required should be investigated. Those who operated with fake credentials should have been prosecuted. All their work "voided." They're thieves and law enforcement officer impersonators, not public employees; and the harm they've caused others and this community is immeasurable. Think of the homes they've illegally declared nuisances and caused to be demolished for a cut of the demolition contract. They could all be prosecuted for what they have already done.

Those words may sound harsh but it's the environment building department employees created on their own as evidenced by a federal investigation that's not over.

To everyone doing business with the building department in Cleveland or elsewhere. Use sections 2935.09 and 2935.10 of Ohio's Revised Code to file a criminal complaint with a judge as a reviewing official if any employee of a local government asks you for cash, food, gift cards or anything of value in exchange for "official acts" they are required to perform by law. Keep complaining in Cleveland through the mayor's hotline. Be relentless about your complaints and don't let up. Send emails to their supervisors when they obstruct official business; and if their supervisors don't respond go over their heads. You can always add the supervisor's name to your criminal complaint using R.C. 2938.09 and 2938.10. They'll eventually learn.

Hussain better get right right with a quickness. His name could be on the next round of indictments and he'll be convicted, jailed and headed back to Hyderabad, upon release from prison, one-way. I don't think Cleveland really understands what's taking place in the USA today under Trump with his deporting immigrants convicted of crimes.

There's "second chance" for U.S. citizens. Immigrants get "one chance." If deportation is connected to Ewais' federal trial and conviction, Cleveland's immigrant community is about to get a very hard core wake up call.

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Brancatelli-Baumann-Rokakis-Land Bank


NOTE: Baumann got the contract on demolition of YMCA and Kulcharski Trust building - 3873-3881 W 25

Eric Jonathan Brewer
December 11 at 11:01 AM ·

The Cleveland building department FBI investigation plot thickens. Damien Borkowski has resigned. He was convicted ex-inspector Rufus Taylor's supervisor. He's really the player who could move demolition contracts. Taylor was small time in comparison.

Borkowski's tight with William Baumann, his son and grandson that all, individually, received emergency demolition work from the department Ronald O’Leary supervised. T&T is a black-owned demolition contractor Borkowski favored. Borkowski’s name was shown on T&T's website with his endorsement. That's an illegal way to use his public job.

Ayonna Blue-McDonald and that crew down there better be careful. This shit ain't over. Everybody's already caught. They just don't know it yet.