Kathy Wray Coleman, other citizens, address media re: Cleveland Heights kids curfew

There is an un-natural and  awkward dynamic between the media and those who are involved in the event.   The media set up their tripods in a line about 15 feet away from the citizens, and the citizens set up a line parallel with the media - kid of like a firing squad set up .   The media are observers of the rally and not part of the rally.  Pretty weird - it is all for the TV. Have you ever organized a public event like a political rally?   Seems like a skill which should be taught in public schools – but is not.   There were 4 or 5 young people at the rally this evening – they are fortunate to be receiving an education in political activism. I intend to obtain a pdf of the City of Cleveland Heights curfew ordinance and post it here soon.
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