Another tragedy on the West Side: 1300 is closing

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 09/20/2006 - 13:10.

While hard to compare to shootings and murder, I can't think of a worse development for NEO, local arts and culture and my neighborhood than the news I recieved just now - Gallery 1300 is closing. I don't know enough details to know if it is "our" fault - not enough money flowing from the community to the gallery and artists - or just that the smart, great people who have made 1300 a core part of the NEO scene have other opportunities to pursue, but I know we all owe it to their team to really put out for them in their closing months. More to come on this as I learn details... for now: the Press Release:


Title of the Exhibit: Leave ‘Em Wanting More – The last shows of 1300

Opening Reception: 

5 - October 20, 7-10 – Grant Smrekar, Paul Sydorenko, Bill Rupnik

4 - November 3, 7-10 – Gretchen Grimm, Amy Casey, Jeremy Mann

3 - November 17, 7-10 – Ryan Jaenke, Paul Rogers

2 - December 8, 7-10 – Stephen Kasner, Douglas Utter, David D’Andrea

1 - December 15, 7-10 – Derek Hess, Bask

1300 West 78th, Cleveland OH, 44102

CONTACT: Martin Geramita | marty@13hundred | 216.939.1300