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Cleveland Needs Visionary Regional Leaders to Absorb It

Suburban Leaders need to get together and absorb Cleveland under leadership that has vision, experience and  management skill.  Cleveland can survive and grow if we can find someone who can build a team and link people instead of dividing them along traditional political lines.

A city is a big business, not a football like the past several Mayors and Council's have exhibited.  Let's get it rolling!

A burger in the funeral home

Henry, you were right on the money and McD's is moving ahead. This just out from Ohio City Near West:

Important Community Announcement

The McDonald's restaurant chain is seeking to construct a store at 3929 Lorain Avenue(the SE corner of W.41st and Lorain). McDonald's would require the demolition of the funeral home building in order to build a new restaurant on this site, which is their contemporary design, similar to the McDonald's on Carnegie Avenue, near E.30th Street. The demolition matter and the restaurant design will be on the Ohio City Design Review Committee (OCDRC) agenda, scheduled for Thursday August 20th at 11:30 am. The committee meets in the OCNW conference room. The meeting is open to the public, although public input is not possible at the meeting. Space is very limited, so please contact Ben Trimble at OCNW if you would like to attend this meeting. The OCDRC is an advisory committee to the Landmarks Commission, who makes the final decision on matters in the Historic District. For more information on the Local Landmark Historic District and the OCDRC, please click here.


where the hell is bruckman in all this? his job is supposd to be to develop real estate, right? crematory? mcdonalds? santiago? can we get bruckman out of here already before more damage happens?

McDonald's on 41st & Lorain....what happened with this plan?

So, last summer...this plan was pending... are there any updates to these activities posted in August 2009 above? Just curious.

Matt Zone

Matt Zone said no. Thank you, Matt Zone. 

Thank you...for the McDonald's update.

Thanks for the update.


Welcome Author Illustrator JR McRae Poulter

  Good to see the Southern Hemisphere represented here!

Regards from the Northern Hemisphere!


Laura McShane