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Laura is a freak, delete my

Laura is a freak, delete my account. 

I was a "freak" too!!!


    I was a "freak" too, in my collage days.  It was much better than being "plastic". I am sure that there are those who still think of me as one.
I have been called worse things, and by better people :-)

Sticks and stones


I mostly work with first and second graders all day--I have been called worse names.  Thank you for defending me Bill :) 

Let's see, there is a water main break on the street outside, fire trucks, police car sirens, crying children, my co-worker just quit...could my day get any crazier?   Girls skipping rope on the sidewalk despite all the chaos.  Makes me smile.  Another day in Busytown.

Mrs. Seifert

Thanks Mrs. Seifert at City Hall.  I love you for holding the city together.