A Tale of TWO 15 minute cities

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 K&D cancels Justine's debt

As our "elected by a landslide" mayor who ACTUALLY got a microscopic 33,000 votes or 9.2% of eligible Cleveland voters sends out his monthly panhandling email celebrating his non accomplishments like declaring school kids mentally unstable and permanent victims in need of lifetime assistance including pharma "interventions" but NOT illiterate which is what they are, it is time for a serious reality check about his "plans" and the developers/handlers calling the shots. The goal is to turn Cleveland into a "model" for NWO "climate change" development. Or 15 minute cities. And he is spending the final scamdemic relief, like a crackhead on a bender, on just that. On the West Side, specifically the Ohio 15 minute City, the West Side market crumbling and half empty of vendors will score $15 million or $30 million or something which will be handed out to an unnamed developer. This is only a FRACTION of what is needed to bring the WSM into the 21st century by the way. Heat and air conditioning for a start. Tokyo Rose is one of the new FOJ's (which includes Jeffrey Didn't Kill Himself Epstein) who is part of his overpaid claque in BRAND NEWLY created positions, cheering this on. Even though the EAST SIDE councilmen are not happy and through their honorable decent TRUTHFUL spokesman Council Chair Blaine Griffin they are asking to simply negotiate the amount. But Justine will not I repeat NOT be "held hostage" by having to negotiate with a bunch of black dudes who supported Kevin Kelley and NOT him. And who ALSO aren't BFF's with Petey Bootygig. And will NEVER be invited to illegitimate Dementia Joe Depend's White House. They are merely speed bumps on Justine's My Way or The Highway route to a "young leader" role at the WEF. Tokyo Rose says that spending money (or maybe wasting it) on the WSM fits the "vision" of 15 minute cities. Because the Dementia Joebama voting Karens (who OTHER than real estate developers are Justine's LARGEST constituency), that live NORTH of Lorain with their beta male companions love nothing more than virtue signaling about "working from home" to save the planet and then walking to the many cutesy fun boutiques and bistros that SO FAR have avoided bankruptcy in this DEMOCRAT CAUSED PLANDEMIC recession and very occasionally stopping at the WSM just to SAY they did, 15 minutes from their massive homes. And then after dropping off their recyclable bags on the granite kitchen countertop, they jump into their $75,000 SUVS and head for a weekend at their country place in the Islands. Or perhaps Uber to the airport to try out the new non stop service from Cleveland to Europe. Well...Ireland...


On the EAST Side specifically the South East Side aka Mt. Pleasant, where Justine pretends to have been raised in abject poverty, it is a very different 15 minute story. Justine's Pulitzer Prize nominated fictionalized account of his upbringing with tales of woe about the old hooptie his mother had to start with a wire coat hanger to get to one of the 6 part time jobs she worked to put food stamps on the table when IN REALITY she collected $522 per month in child support from his father from 5/7/1991 until 1998. She UNSUCCESSFULLY tried to get alimony too before she bought a house in Garfield Heights where Justine went to Catholic high school. And "Momma Bibb" who ACTUALLY changed her name RIGHT back to Nichols IMMEDIATELY after the divorce from Donald Bibb in 1991 to whom she was married for 2 years has 3 UNRESOLVED financial judgements against her, including ONE from the Ohio Department of Taxation, in spite of having a very well paying job with Cuyahoga County. ANYWAY Justine's plan is to spend FIFTY $50 miliion plandemic dollars in "partnership" with the Landbank to assemble acres of vacant lots and then seize other owner occupied parcels through eminent domain. Really doesn't the Landbank ALREADY own acres of vacant lots? I'm sooo confused. And of COURSE they will be handed to his developer/backers for free. And then SOMEHOW these massive land grabs MILES from any freeway will attract private investments. LMFAO! Like the "investments" along the Opportunity Corridor which consist ONLY of an enormous cold storage facililty around E 79 where the bodies can be kept on ice. And then NOTHING except abandoned houses and factories until you make the magic turn onto E 105. And there is a new 15 minute development with tiny little boxes on top of a Meijer's set to open "soon" right across from Ohio's largest employer. "If you lived here you'd be home now" and all the parking garages could be turned into MORE easy to police "living spaces".  But there is nothing resembling a major employer on the Kinsman corridor unless you count CMHA. And none likely to magically appear. But the goal is NOT factories or warehouses, or ANY JOBS. The goal is Guaranteed Monthly Income which USED to be called WELFARE, and depressing islands of high rises surrounded by security fencing with digital IDs required to exit the compound and NO privately owned cars. OR churches either because people of faith aren't buying into this.

Because Justine ACTUALLY admitted he will not have enough scamdemic relief money to build these....ummmmm.....new Robert Taylor 15 minute cities for black folks once the land has been handed over to HIS developers, he went with his tin cup out to New York in a private jet to visit...... wait for it ....Blackrock. Like the dope dealer in the big house or the loan shark who exacts a pound of flesh or the cartels on our Southern border, the price for CLEVELAND will be devastation. Larry Fink the king of ESG TAKES no prisoners.

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First 15 minute cities for black folks…

.....Have ALL been torn down.

Justine's NEW plan to drive Cleveland into bankruptcy

Justine is getting desperate. He MUST be feeling the heat after the Fox 8 investigation. So he and his "brain trust" dreamed up this hastily contrived plan to "man"date FOUR months of paid leave with 100% pay to all birthing persons who get a baby...somewhere or other. AFTER ONLY 30 DAYS employment. Start June 1 take leave on July 1 for 120 days. WITH FULL PAY! And if your birthing partner ALSO works for the city of Cleveland THEY (or he or she or it) GET THE SAME DEAL. Two for the price of one and WE the taxpayers will be paying. At 6:35 PM on Mother's Day without even a MENTION of Momma Bibb he released a video AND email with this fabulous announcement to all city employees. How this will be paid for is not an issue OK just in case those black dudes on city council who voted for the VERY QUALIFIED Kevin Kelley start asking questions. There are more important things than MONEY. This is about Just(ine)ice for right of lives that matter except when Justine is ALSO claiming he has legalized abortion in Cleveland even though it is now illegal in Ohio because THOSE lives DON'T matter. Justine is in SO FAR over his head.....


90% of eligible Cleveland voters did NOT vote for Justine. 90% of landlords have NOT done the lead clearance scam. The people have spoken.

NOT Cleveland tough

Justine is in Ireland now for a new series of photo ops instead of being "home" in Cleveland hiring cops. He posed in front of a statue of a famous Cleveland white guy memorialized in an obscure village. Justine has a thing for white guys. "Cleveland tough" says Justine making a tiny fist in solidarity with Johnny Kilbane. The outstanding ethical hard working Head of City Council, Blaine Griffin who can celebrate a MAJOR victory by reducing the amount of the handout to the WSM aka Justine's developer donors, from $30 million to $10 million, is ALSO in Ireland. I would love to see a photo op of Justine standing side by side with the GREAT Blaine Griffin. Absolutely NOT say Justine's handlers. And we ALL know why! OPTICS. Let's draft Blaine G who IS Cleveland Tough AND a REAL hero to be our next mayor. He is ALWAYS looking out for his constituents NOT pandering to the EVIL Larry Fink at BLACKROCK to sell out Cleveland for a unsustainable payday loan. Blaine Griffin can straighten out the mess Justine and his cadre of incompetent OVERPAID new hires, in newly created 6 figure jobs, AND his developer/donors are making of our once great city.

Green energy

Busy with travel and grandstanding, Justine "forgot" to join a new electric aggregator months ago! This MEANS that people who get their electricity from the Illuminating Company aka First Energy will see their bills skyrocket. All. Summer. Long. But Justine has secretly promised his owners that Cleveland WILL comply with the WHO "climate change" guidelines. How perfect that during the hottest months of the year, poor Clevelanders won't be able to afford to turn on the AC. Thereby forcing compliance to his new BFF Larry Fink's climate "goals". Waiting for the monthly panhandling email celebrating this accomplishment.

Visit Cleveland. Get robbed checking into your downtown hotel

Dozens and dozens of people have been shot including 23 TWENTY THREE on Memorial Day weekend on the dangerous streets of the 10th most dangerous city in the whole USA. Well DONE Justine. Cleveland is back! Murders are UP 19% over last year! We're in the top 10 of the MOST DANGEROUS CITIES in the country thanks to your "guidance". And other NON gun crimes are ALSO sky rocketing too Let's name some of the crimes escalating at a breakneck pace.  Thanks to Justine's "leadership", Cleveland is now the most dangerous city in Ohio. More dangerous than Youngstown, than Dayton, than Toledo, than Akron. We're NUMBER ONE!!  Assaults are up including a cyclist riding around Public Square who was knocked off her bike by a crazed crack addict on the loose. No cop came for 15 minutes. Car thefts are up! Armed robbery is up! The 30,000 losers that put this arrogant moron into office must be really proud! The Do Nothing Mayor, Justine Bibbi of Cleveland Can't Wait fame, said the murder numbers aren't where HE wants them to be. Not high enough perhaps? NEWS FLASH Justine. A REAL Mayor is supposed to take steps to REDUCE CRIME not pontificate about it and blame Frank Jackson.Anyway Justine is still on his world wide victory tour, panhandling for funds from Joebama and Larry Fink. He IS NOT even TRYING to hire any police for the dangerously understaffed Department of Public "Safety". He's stylin' and profiling', showboating and practicing equity. Meanwhile the struggling residents of Cleveland won't be able to use their air conditioning this summer because their electric bill will be 4 TIMES higher. Justine conveniently forget to deal with the electric aggregator thing besides the rabble shouldn't be using air conditioning anyway, It is SO beneath Justine to have to deal with petty stuff like THAT when he's been so busy traveling around the world auditioning for Klaus Schwab to be a young global leader speaking about climate "change" and population control. Oh and of course taking away LEGALLY obtained guns from law abiding Clevelanders. And now a long hot summer of violence is also on the table in Cleveland because of his shameless ego. Tourists are getting robbed and pistol whipped checking into their downtown hotels. Visit Cleveland for a true crime experience. Thanks to Justine Urkel. Hizzoner.

Justine's 2 WHITE daddies

Justine is very VERY angry with his 2 white daddies who UNLIKE HIM do NOT want to see Cleveland collapse under the weight of crime. Justine is pretending to be SUPER busy with his "plans" for more mandatory quackzines and 15 minute city climate lockdowns, while packing his BEST dating outfits for an extended work/vacay with Petey B.in the Nation's Capital.  Meanwhile White Daddy #1 Mike Dewine, who sent an army of state police this summer to patrol the mean streets of Cleveland and said they would be there AS LONG AS IT TAKES was "informed" in December the services of the state police ARE NO LONGER NEEDED. EVEN THOUGH Cleveland is DOWN 328 officers. Justine's "staff" released a vague statement,a veritable word salad worthy of Chlamydia Harris, "collaborative partnerships are reviewed and scaled AS NEEDED...We are expanding our partnerships larger scale operations.", according to Channel 19 news. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. What does that even MEAN. THE FBI??? Justine does NOT appreciate being put out on front street by the REPUBLICANS in Columbus for his brazen arrogant incompetence in building and KEEPING an ACTUAL police force, among many MANY OTHER areas of total incompetence, when cops are leaving and no one is signing on. So White Daddy #2 Chris Ronanye a Democrat from the old school NOT like Justine, quickly stepped in and told Fox 8 that Cuyahoga County is planning to make the sheriff's deputy patrols downtown permanent. As in NOT open to "review and scale". 

And also the 2 white daddies made it very VERY clear in separate statements they WILL be willing to help out with funding to KEEP THE BROWNS IN CLEVELAND once the city, as in JUSTINE, comes up with a plan. Justine's current plan is for the Haslams to pay for everything. The White Daddies KNOW better than to say that. For ONE THING the city of CLEVELAND OWNS the stadium. It would be like YOUR landlord telling YOU to pay for the busted water pipe and leaking roof. Justine doesn't even pay rent. Because the white daddies are experienced in negotiating like ADULTS and not unaccountable petulant children like Justine, they KNOW not to totally piss off the billionaire owners of the Browns who give and do so much for Cleveland. AND more importantly the Haslams provide employment to hundreds and hundreds of Clevelanders who then pay taxes. The ONLY jobs Justine has EVER created COST the taxpayers. 



15 minutes to communism for the riff riff but NOT for Matt

Matt Moss, who has been gifted with a TOTALLY FREE tax exempt vacant lot of very valuable land on W 28 parcel #00712044 by the ALWAYS generous CCLB, but only to the RIGHT people, is a true believer in the 15 minute city scam. Little Matt rides his tricycle to work every SINGLE SOLITARY day according to a slobbering puff piece in Scene, from his flat in a HUGE 2 family house at 3153 W. 14th St. with a DRIVEWAY and BIG YARD. It's owned by pretend Reverand Scott Rosenstein, who apparently lives in the other flat. Not EXACTLY 15 minute city material when the lot COULD sport a 7 story apartment block with dozens of cramped 400 square foot RENTAL units with no parking and NO YARD. The house is in what was once called a NEIGHBORHOOD. NEIGHBORHOODS, the ORIGINAL 15 minute cities were once upon a time, EVERYWHERE in Cleveland. DRIVE around and see the hollowed out corpses of once vibrant neighborhoods with now abandoned factories AND CHURCHES once the cornerstone of neighborhoods as our betters shipped all those nasty blue collar jobs to China and India. Churches are ALSO not welcome in the head space of geospatial analyst "guru" atheists like little Matt. Don't tell Reverand Scott but CHURCHES are as much of a problem to these creepy atheists as guns, gas stoves, gas furnaces, privately owned cars and PRIVATELY OWNED SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES. Because private property and religious beliefs were principals upon which this country was founded. And according to Gen Z THOSE tiresome out-of-date "concepts" which are transphobic, MUST be removed from our constitution AT ONCE, along with all those out of date building codes Matt wants to eliminate. 15 minute cities are super fun for all the wealthy white people making 6 figures at "public service" "jobs" who can eat out at all the fabulous bistros within a 15 minute walk from their homes, virtue signaling all the way. OTHERS will own nothing and "be happy" while the super rich will own EVERYTHING.

But what about the not so rich and not so white. And not so young, with FAMILIES. Families are discouraged in 15 minute 400 square foot rental boxes. What are the plans for THOSE ....people who didn't get the quackzene and who work in factories 40 miles from their homes. I see the target neighborhoods are OF COURSE Detroit Shoreway HOUGH AND FAIRFAX, since Tremont and Ohio City are ALREADY compliant, the latter 2 because of the proximity to actual jobs in Health "care" industrial complex. Maybe the plan is to set less favored neighborhoods full of those troublesome independent thinkers on fire like the other Justine in The People's Republic of Kanada has been doing over the last 2 weeks. That gets rid of lot of people along with the WEF euthanasia program where Kanada is leading the way in exterminating the poor and disabled who are just "useless eaters" in the words of Noah Harari.

Matt Moss gets all the favors^^^


Geospatial analyst Mattie Moss is JUST a Justine hired hypocrite

Cars and garages and free lots for little Mattie Moss but NOT FOR YOU. "Developers have little room to do something more contextual" says little Matt in a word salad to Mark Oprea. Form based code, data anaylsis, incentives for transit development. This translates to multi family units with no yards and no parking. And IDEALLY NO MORE single family homes opines the geospatial analyst. Public spaces for all. Well not QUITE all. No yards or cars for the rabble but Matt WILL be building a single family home WITH A GARAGE and his own private yard on the FREE LOT he was given for his loyalty to Justine.


Little Matt a WHITE MALE the guru of public transportation is building a GARAGE on his free OHIO CITY lot. That he got for loyalty to Justine while Tessa Edwards, a black woman was fired for speaking out.

Tessa Jackson needs to seek revenge

Tessa Jackson - go to WSJ with your story 

This bullshit was pushed out w/help of Matt Moss at City of Cleveland - rewarded with a FREE Land Bank Lot:

https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/943f26c946994574a8d5f05cecf10a59 -


The  City of Cleveland and Western Reserve Land Conservancy partnered once again to survey, assess, and analyze nearly 163,000 parcels.  From October 2022 to April 2023, city staff from the Department of Building and Housing, the Mayor’s Office of Capital Projects, the Department of Community Development, and Healthy Homes Inspectors from local community development corporations (CDCs) recorded the current conditions of every parcel in Cleveland.

Matt Moss was no doubt rewarded with his FREE Ohio City property W 28 parcel #00712044 for his part in the "Storymap" data presentation. Rebecca Maurer is an attorney - she knows about the fraud involving land bank lots and WRLC.  She had a meeting last night at the Polish Cultural Center.  It was about the cost of cutting grass on vacant lots in the City of Cleveland. 


Guess who owns/controls most of those lots??  The Cuyahoga County Land Bank, Matt Zone and WRLC.

Justine fired a supremely qualified black woman on Juneteenth

Justine has fired YET another woman from his inner circle. Tessa Jackson the Director of Economic Development. How many women is that now? IS ANYONE KEEPING SCORE? And don't bother asking WHY because Justine does NOT have to answer to anyone. Ok. Got that straight. Tessa Jackson with an Ivy League education and a solid gold resume dared to challenge the UNqualified Justine, IN PUBLIC, at the budget hearings, on HIS ineffective use of TIFS.  Justine with a string of unverifiable "jobs" and a certificate from Tri Hi night school, was publicly humiliated. So he stamped his Size 7 foot and sought to get even the way a small petty vengeful cowardly "man" does. By using one of his handlers to fire her in a desperate face saving effort. TIFs by the way are supposed to be used to elevate inpoverished Cleveland EAST SIDE neighborhoods and instead under Justine they have further enriched already fabulously wealthy developers building apartments in Ohio City and Tremont renting for $3500 for 1 bedroom unit. But remember THESE are the boys who put Justine in office. And Justine MUST look after THEIR interests. FIRST. Or else. Tessa Jackson dared to question Justine and so she has been quickly replaced by safe old hack Terri Hamilton Brown "veteran" of every non profit and city department. Mrs. DARNELL Brown has more miles on her than Chlamydia Harris. But hopefully, even though she has a reputation as a super bitch, she will kiss Justine's ass and that is the kind of "leadership" he wants. Weird that he chose FRANK JACKSON'S CHIEF OF STAFF'S wife isn't it? The wife of his arch rival's BFF. What's THAT all about 

Queen for a Day

Last night all of self-important black Cleveland turned out to honor themselves paying between $65 and $1000 a ticket at the "Who's Who in Black Cleveland "awards" at the Intercontinental Hotel. Not EXACTLY the NAACP awards which are given out on actual accomplishments, but Justine, who nominated himself, will take whatever he can get at this point. The "Who's Who in Black" is a subscription based marketing company based in Detroit with franchises in Atlanta, Columbus, Chicago and 20 other cities is run by Real Times Media.  Notably absent from the celebrations was Tessa Jackson the REAL Who's Who of black Cleveland, the champion of the poor and fired by the petty bitter little mayor for speaking the truth about the misuse of TIFs. Also notably absent were his WEALTHY WHITE SLAVE OWNERS, the out of town super rich real estate developers, who bought and paid for their little marionette to get "elected" and they demanded that their tiny black puppet Justine Bibb FIRE her. They didn't approve of her putting them right out there on front street for stealing from the poor. Justine or rather his ENFORCERS fired her. And Justine would NOT admit why. Of COURSE! He refused to be questioned. Because Justine has a thing for being DOMINATED by white guys.

In the hagiography masquerading as a biography filled with questionable details about his "education" and "work experience" attached to his photo in the lavish brochure available at the low cost of $20, Justine muses about "structural racism" WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. Justine JUST FIRED A BRILLIANT HONORABLE BLACK WOMAN FOR ANNOYING HIS WHITE DEVELOPER DONORS BY POINTING OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT TIFs. THAT RIGHT THERE IS STRUCTURAL RACISM. This disgraceful arrogant lying narcissist needs to be removed. Before he AND BIG DEVELOPERS completely destroy Cleveland.



BIBB is toast - for cancelling Tessa Jackson -WSJ take note

Earlier this year, Jackson spent nearly an hour before City Council outlining numerous concerns about the way Cleveland has historically distributed economic development incentives

She talked about lax controls at City Hall, the failure to collect on outstanding loans that are due for repayment, and how half-a-billion dollars in economic development money distributed over the past 15-plus years hadn’t “really moved the bar” on Cleveland’s poverty and unemployment rates.


Jackson said she was working to change those practices, among others.

(not behind a paywall: https://www.cleveland.com/news/2023/06/cleveland-mayor-justin-bibb-finally-explains-firing-of-economic-development-director.html Bibb's handlers are making sure the spin gets out )


Justine OWES K and D development for an eviction in 2021 UPDATE


Donald Legree Price of K and D was chosen as the spokesMODEL for Justine's hastily convened "news" conference this morning. He whined about that mean black woman who dared to question his "development" group and their heartfelt commitment to cashing in on Cleveland's good neighborhoods. Interestingly Justine owes a lot of back rent to K and D from an eviction in April 2021. Deals have been made. Maybe K and D can pay off Momma "Bibb's" judgements too.

Check THIS out! JUSTINE JUST paid off his debt from being EVICTED with a check written TODAY June 28, 2023 to his SLAVE OWNERS at K and D. TODAY! Wonder why that is LMFAO

Mark Naymik at Signal is NOT for Justine's bs. 





Justine's favorite month is sadly drawing to a close. So what better way to celebrate AND SWITCH THE FOCUS OFF HIS OUTRAGEOUS FIRING OF TESSA JACKSON, than by WASTING TAX PAYER DOLLARS rebranding the wheelchair restroom at City Hall to The First Trans Friendly Toilet with Kotex machines for all! It is NOW OPEN! Let's face it if Justine could he would ONLY concentrate on the "needs" of the mentally ill and the trans community who NEVER EVER ask him ANY diificult questions about the firing of Tessa Jackson or why he suddenly paid off his eviction to his SLAVE owners at K and D development. At a crafts program in a mental health facility somewhere in Cleveland, someone is crocheting Justine a rainbow mask to prevent spread of viruses. 

Shootings in the Flats Republicans IN COLUMBUS to blame

So Justine was forced to hold a press conference after some guy WITH A GOLD GRILL shot 8 or 9 people in the flats. The shooter Jaylon Jennnings has an extensive FELONY criminal record for drug dealing in LORAIN.  Under OHIO LAW Section 2923.13 "Having Weapons While under Disability", Mr. Gold Teeth was shooting up the Warehouse district with AN ILLEGAL GUN. SURPRISE SURPRISE! Jaylon J didn't have no legal gun. Most of the press bypassed Justine who had nothing useful to say to question the dignified professional EXCELLENT Chief of Police Wayne Drummond who answered all the questions put to him WITHOUT exception. Or ANY anti gun grandstanding. He gave credit to his officers and EMS who were on the site and used their training to save lives. And now the shooter has been caught and locked up. That didn't stop Justine who is NOT interested in facts.  In a shrill high pitched voice that got shriller and higher as he made it VERY CLEAR (and there were NO follow up questions and no applause) he is SICK AND TIRED of being woken up by shootings and having to put on the suit and tie and shirt from the Chinese laundry and those shiny black shoes so he can look super serious as he blames the REPUBLICANS IN COLUMBUS. For another round of shootings by criminals with ILLEGAL GUNS. In CLEVELAND. Where Justine is allegedly the mayor! New flash for Justine who has moved from blaming our GREAT former mayor to blaming random Republicans in Columbus. The Republicans DO run this state but guess what? They want ILLEGAL firearms off the street too. But Justine wants for EVERYONE which at best is the 33,000 people who voted for him to vote NO NO NO on Issue 1 so he can personally overturn the 2nd amendment and bring back partial birth abortions in partnership and solidarity with Alexandria O'Crazio and the Secretary of Trans....portation who is OFTEN out of his lane just like Justine. Justine wants to MANdate that EVERYONE who legally owns a gun in Cleveland to be forced to turn it in. Justine might want to shop around for a more anti gun pro abortion state like Illinois. Because gun control has been a TOTALLY AWESOME SUCCESS in Chicago, where ONLY criminals have guns! Check out HeyJackass for some crime stats. He COULD run for the Mayor of Springfield, with a big fat billionaire anti LEGAL gun Governor. Pretty sure his mentor Zerobama could find some dirt on the current mayor for him. Just like HE did against his opponent when he ran for the senate in ILLinois.


As crime in Cleveland spirals completely out of control, Justine the Abortion Mayor BLAMES REPUBLICANS IN COLUMBUS for the massive increase of shootings in CLEVELAND by felons not allowed to have guns. Weapons under disability. Of course Justine wants to take away guns from LEGAL GUN OWNERS to "solve" the problem. And their cars too. But when our REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR was in Cleveland recently to offer assistance from the Republicans in Columbus, Justine tried to squeeze hisself little self into the photo op AND TAKE CREDIT. I thought Justine despised PRO LIFE PRO 2A Republicans in Columbus. I guess NOT when they're bailing out his sorry anti police ass. Governor Michael DeWine said he is sending STATE teams of law enforcement to rescue CLEVELAND because there are 400 LESS cops than there were BEFORE Justine ascended to the throne. Dewine also said what WE ALL KNOW TO BE TRUE, "We know that the most violent crime is committed by repeat offenders who are NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO POSSESS A FIREARM but they do it anyway." Because crime is BIG BUSINESS IN CLEVELAND. And getting bigger and more out of control. There are not enough police officers to keep up. Hopefully Justine will include THOSE record breaking statistics in his NEXT "fundraising email".

Daytime shootings DOWNTOWN Justine hides

The Cleveland Police department is down 400 officers while downtown is now a shooting gallery for criminals on the loose. Yesterday a thug with a pellet gun opened fire on WORKING PEOPLE outside for their lunch break. When city council members held a meeting on escalating violence Justine's creative writing department issued a strongly worded statement "justifying" his failure to attend. Justine is a pathetic joke an incompetent narcissist who is using Cleveland as a springboard for money and power. 

Emperor's New Clothes

Yes - Mabeldog.  You are correct. https://www.youtube.com/live/h3pbWHm-W_Y?feature=share City Council President weighs in near the end.  I did vote for Justin Bibb and I am very sad - but I still stand on the belief that Kevin Kelley would have been much worse.  But, it is hard to be much worse than Justin Bibb, right now.  Bibb is a massive fraud. 

Where exactly does Justine live? Rent free from K and D?

I didn't vote for him because I knew he was a WEF plant. A con artist and a liar with an embellished resume full of phony jobs. And 12 years to get his "law" deegree. He "popped up" out of nowhere as my friend, a long time resident of Mt. Pleasant said who didn't vote for him EITHER. He was clearly $upported by his white $lave owners at K and D. But he won't get anywhere near 33,000 votes next time. IF he even runs. His weekly "fundraising" email which just arrived is trolling for funds to help fight Issue 1. Really?? Because HE needs the "tools" to fight climate change and the 2nd amendment and give a$$iStance to his slave owner developers who want to double dip with historic tax credits AND affordable housing credits which the state legislature has outlawed. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. Justine has zero interest in issues LIKE RAMPANT crime, affecting CLEVELAND. Law abiding home owning seniors are being DRIVEN OUT OF THEIR HOMES OUT OF FEAR! Justine does NOT care about Cleveland residents who have lived here for generations. They don't pay his bills. Why is he always fundraising and NOT working. He doesn't give a shit about Cleveland. He doesn't care about Cleveland the REAL CLEVELAND at all. NOT the way Blaine Griffin and Kevin Bishop and Mike Polensak and Joe Jones do. THEY are REAL Clevelanders. Where does Justine even live? And with who. Is he living in a FREE apartment provided by his slave owners at K and D?? It's a totally fair question! Every single member of city council can be easily found. Previous members have been busted for not living in Cleveland or not paying their property taxes. EVERYONE knew EXACTLY where Mayor Jackson lived. Justine is VERY secretive but he is NOT entitled to privacy about where he lives. What is he hiding. Cleveland is a resiliant place with tough fair minded people who are used to being the butt of national jokes they don't believe. And city council members who have stayed here EVEN THOUGH they COULD leave because they understand and love the unique character of Cleveland.  But Justine IS CRUSHING the soul of Cleveland with his games and arrogance and NON ATTENDANCE at council meetings while he grandstands elsewhere about climate change and transgender rights.  UNFORTUNATELY for Justine Cleveland is NOT Seattle or Chicago or Portland or NY city or San Francisco or Los Angeles. It's NOT full of wokesters like Justine imagined. No one likes or respects Justine. City Council included. He's a COWARD who can't face questions about his failed so called leadership. There was a ward meeting on the East side recently where it was very clear that he is losing support EVEN from city employees HE HIRED. Cleveland is a CUT-THE-CRAP town. And the majority can spot a poseur. It's time for Blaine to step up and run. He is a TRUE LEADER! Hopefully Blaine's incredible heartfelt WITH NO TELEPROMPTER speech at City Council this week was the shot heard round the city. BLAINE BLAINE BLAINE to save Cleveland. He will CRUSH JUSTINE like the pathetic closet dwelling cockroach that he IS. 

Thanks to Justine’s “work” we’re NUMBER 1

Our city, Cleveland Ohio is now officially the WORST CITY in the entire country to raise a family. That's one of Justine's WEF goals to ELIMINATE the family, because families use too many "resources" and are much harder to control, harder to herd and lock down in 400 square foot prison cells in 15 minute cities. Population control AKA genocide is the goal. Justine began his depopulation journey early in his reign of terror by strong arming black reverends to force the death vax on their very reluctant congregations. Followed by his recent demonic embrace of abortion. Families are so needy, they need cars to pick up kids and groceries and if they're lucky to sporting events and after school activities. NO CARS FOR THE MASSES says Justine in his shrill high pitched voice as he is escorted by his security force from one of the THREE $60,000 limos purchased with OUR TAX DOLLARS. Families are the problem children are a problem to Justine. Speaking of families Justine's MARRIED TO A WOMAN BROTHER, Donovan, has, politburo style been carefully removed from all Justine's "biographical" information. Wonder why?

Bibb is a FRAUD

Yes - he was completely fabricated as a cardboard mayor by Mandel and Cleveland Foundation, but WHY?  It was not much of a choice.  The red flags were there, but Kelley was not a choice - and Blaine Griffin did not run.  All of the charlatans in town are beholden.  If you are a decent person (like Tariq Shabazz -Program Manager for  Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension Research who should be County Executive) you are not given media coverage. 

BIBB is a dangerous cowardly psychopath

NOT a fraud. He's an acolyte of "Saint"Zerobama ANOTHER shallow ego driven narcisscist with zero empathy or conscience. What ACTUALLY DID happen to Fauxbama's chef?? Justine is doing EXACTLY what he said he was going to do. Fundamentally transform Cleveland into a "green" eco nightmare with no jobs or future. He is aiming to TOTALLY destroy this city. THAT is his goal. And use this destruction of our city as a springboard to be his BFF Bootyjigs VP candidate. We have no police, and NO ONE is trying to join the police force. No one goes downtown without being in danger. Downtown Cleveland is the WORST city in this country ONCE AGAIN for failing to attract people back downtown for the nightlife now that the scamdemic has receded. People are robbed and car jacked while checking in their hotels. People are routinely shot and killed on a regular basis for JUST going about their business in their OWN neighborhoods. NOT just on the East side but everywhere. His goals are simple. To lock us down and poison us with quackzeenes and anti depressants especially for kids. There were NO SUMMER JOBS FOR KIDS. YOUNGSTOWN, let THAT sink in, had a summer jobs program for kids . Getting kids on medication is so much more cost effective than provide healthy activities according to Justine's highly paid "health" consultants. OR BETTER STILL ABORTING THEM BEFORE THEY TAKE A SINGLE BREATH! Youngstown has been ranked the SECOND best city in Ohio after Cincinnati. Cleveland is NUMBER 6Th according to US News Best Cities survey. Cleveland city owned baseball diamonds are covered with weeds and were NOT maintained. Justine wants to take away OUR cars and guns, for "our own good". While he spends taxpayer money on THREE $60,000 LIMOUSINES FOR HIMSELF. And then HIDES and refuses to answer questions. No one is allowed to know where he lives, and with whom. And who pays his rent. He sends out weekly panhandling emails for funds to hire out of state consultants to tell him what he wants to hear. I guess that is what the 33,000 morons who voted for him wanted. But the REST OF US despise him and EVERYTHING he stands for, all his WEF bullet points like population control through abortion. He took over this AMAZING unique city full of character and characters, friendly helpful no nonsense residents, many of whom have hung on here for generations because they love it. And set out to destroy every single thing that made it livable affordable and fun. 

Good call from our NEXT MAYOR B.G

Blaine Griffin the distinguished honorable decent honest Cleveland loving head of City Council, ALL QUALITIES LACKING IN THE CURRENT "MAYOR" of developers , did NOT back down on reducing the handout of funny money from Uncle Fed to the West Side Market from $20 million to $10 million. Last week a well attended meeting was held at the under construction Truss center where noise drowned out the comments. The West Side Market now has a very elaborate highly paid board and chairman and all manner of other highly paid Friends of Justine along with the obligatory out of town consultants as the WSM ponders its future. A market in search of customers. A future with restaurants and bars now sorely missing from the W 25 Lorain corridor. And an event center in the rafters. Moving the produce merchants to one section clearing the way for a stampede of higher rent paying restaurants and bars. ALL it will take to bring these income generating fantasies to reality is FORTY ONE MILLION DOLLARS. That's right!! So what exactly has happened to the $10 million. Has heat been installed? Air conditioning? OR was it all blown on consultants. Blaine Griffin looking out for Cleveland one voter at a time.

West Side Market


Chuck Hoven provided coverage.  I don't put any faith in the administration or the current members of Cleveland City Council.  Blaine is as captive as Justin Bibb by the purse strings of Cleveland Leadership PAC https://www.cleveleads.org/about-us/ all brainwashed to serve their foundation leaders who protect outfits like CHN Partners, WRLC and the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.


Crain's reports

Gov. Mike DeWine, who has instructed agencies including the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center and the Ohio Department of Youth Services to work with Cleveland police and other local and federal authorities on violence-reduction efforts. “We plan to stay in Cleveland as long as local officials need us,” DeWine said. 

For the record - no one reads Cleveland.com any more - and Crain's has become the Record of NOTE. It is archived 

CRIME is OUT OF CONTROL under this worthless POS

I don't read cleveland.com. Or Crain's. And I don't watch TV. EVER. I see what I see.  On Sunday in the middle of the day I watched from my bedroom window HELPLESSLY dialing 911 as the KIA boys stole TWO cars from my very short street.In less than 2 minutes leaving a neighbor with an oxygen tank carless.  When the police came they said there are simply not enough cops to actually stop a crime in action. And NO ONE IS SIGNING UP TO JOIN THE CLEVELAND POLICE. Any guesses why? 911 was OVERWHELMED and I had to call the regular number. Justine's priorities are depopulation through abortion, to take away cars and guns from law abiding citizens, create mini prisons called 15 minute cities, give away valuable land to clown developers and get everyone on government funded medication especially schools kids to "fight depression". "Fight" for transgender "rights" like they aren't already running everything by turning the handicapped bathroom at City Hall into a transgender one.   Oh and give massive benefits to city employees paid for by people who work 2 jobs with no health insurance.  And he calls THAT a victory for labor in his never ending self aggrandizing fund raising emails. Meanwhile for ordinary Clevelanders in the poorest most dangerous worst city to raise a family things are getting worse and worse. The parks are not maintained the rec centers are dangerous crime infested hellholes, the schools are indoctrination centers where no basic subjects are taught.  Justine is a coward and a liar and a HUGE HYPOCRITE being driven around in his 3 tax payer funded limos while talking about making public transport mandatory which is ALSO much more dangerous. Living for free courtesy of some developer with his "roommate". He is the worst mayor EVER I don't care what anyone says. Judge Kelley is laughing.

Justine says kids need PILLS NOT SKILLS

As a way of heading off the absolute upcoming DISASTER of Cleveland Public Skool rankings and LACK of progress in the readin' writin and rithmetic departments, Justine has a NEW plan. TO BLAME MENTAL HEALTH. Caused not by FAILING SKOOLS, of course, but by the scamdemic and GUNZ.  The skools are ALREADY gearing up for Plandemic Phase 2 getting ready for another round of "distance" "learning". What school kids need is NOT better education, according to Justine, which would get them out of poverty by developing actual critical thinking skills among other necessary tools like math and reading. Kids need PHARMA and "counselling" by a newly hired "team" of "experts". "OUR NEW YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT SPRINT TASK FORCE" will tackle the shortage of "providers". says Justine's fundraising email released moments ago. Now that the despised REPUBLICANS IN COLUMBUS have taken over policing in Cleveland, Justine can concentrate on getting more personality altering PHARMA DRUGS into school kids especially BLACK BOYS. IF ONLY Justine could bring back lobotomies. THAT is Justine's endgame. Paid for by the Cleveland taxpayer, because the scamdemic "relief" money from soon to be impeached President Robert Peters is all gone and wasted. A timely article from Unherd published TODAY September 12 refutes Justine's "findings". "The Student MENTAL Health Crisis is a myth" says Ashley Frawley. She states "Therapeutic entrepreneurs have distorted the data". Justine is an EXPERT in distorting data to engineer "solutions" where there are no problems instead of dealing with the REAL PROBLEMS in the sad desperate city Cleveland has become since he took over. Justine LOVES to ride around the trendy safe WHITE neighborhoods on the West side stopping off at a Tremont bistro dropped off by one of his 3 limousines, and pretending to be a waiter for a few minutes in yet ANOTHER publicity stunt.  Soon Justine will ONCE AGAIN be strong arming black pastors to force their congregations to get the latest poisonous quackzene.  Justine's idea of public "health" is shots and pills, not exercise and diet.

Justine CREATES food deserts Blaine G makes supermarkets happen

Man of the people Council President Blaine Griffin was interviewed regarding the justly celebrated soon-to-open Meijer's, their FIRST URBAN supermarket in Ohio. In the planning since 2018, after meetings with local FAIRFAX residents and with a LEGITIMATE partner in the Cleveland Clinic, the Council Prez mentions the 88 NON LUXURY units. He says, "These are geared towards people who are nurses and phlebotomists....those kind of folks that are just middle class...making sure we take care of the people THAT HAVE BEEN HERE A LONG TIME." Yes THOSE people. Ordinary down to earth Clevelanders. Take your victory lap BG. YOU HAVE EARNED IT! And do not let little snake Justine squeeze hisself into the ribbon cutting photo op. Justine is not interested in ordinary Clevelanders. He RARELY meets them maybe at a stoplight while cruising past them in one of his 6 city financed limos. He is only concerned with UNaffordable developments where the out-of-town developers do NOT pay property taxes OR EVEN BETTER THE ONE WHO GIVE HIM A FREE LUXURY DOWNTOWN APARTMENT. Under HIS watch food deserts are being CREATED. With the closing of Dave's in the Central nayboorhood in the now almost empty plaza. And in Collinwood where ANOTHER Dave's shut down. And then there was the hope for the residents of E 93 and Wade Park. I spoke to some guys on the porch of a rooming house in the area who were looking forward to the promised re-opening of the supermarket in that plaza. But Justine blew all the scamdemic relief on vanity projects so there wasn't enough money left for that plaza. Maybe his "team" will get in touch with SIMON. 

Take a bow Blaine Griffin Meijer’s opens today

Six years from planning to Grand opening the collaboration between our NEXT MAYOR Blaine Griffin and the Cleveland Clinic, Meijer's Fairfax market opens today. Give our council president a WELL DESERVED round of applause! Will Justine try to take credit for BLAINE'S accomplishment as he ALWAYS tries to do since he has accomplished NOTHING himself? Stay tuned


I got a SEEMINGLY innocuous letter from City Clowncil saying my garbage pick up day has been changed from Thursday to Friday. No problem no one cares. Why not just say that and be done with it. But in the letter was this ominous "explanation". And I quote. "The city has not adjusted pick up days since the 1950's. With CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS (aka MASSIVE POPULATION LOSS) that means some days have too many homes for pick up".

Why bring up the 1950's. When Cleveland was prosperous with an excellent public school system and a solvent city hall?? Of COURSE NOT. Cleveland was BAAAAD in the 1950's according to little Justine, it was racist. With no bike lanes. and no 15 minute prison cells. And worst of all it had a handicapped toilet at City NOT A TRANSGENDER one. But now that demographics have been brought into the conversation the next letter from the city will no doubt say BECAUSE of changing "demographics"since the 1950's garbage will be picked up monthly and since no one lives in certain NON 15 minute city nayboooorhoods, snow will be removed on city streets when the temperature goes up and it melts.

The April 2024 budget will be the first of Justine's reign of terror without MASSIVE FEDERAL FUNDING ASSISTANCE nearly a billion dollars in all of SCAMDEMIC "relief". PLUS city taxes are down as people who don't LIVE in Cleveland continute to work from home. And he must pay all his cronies at 6 figures in made up jobs. So fuck the Cleveland working class or what remains of it. And get ready for big cuts and layoffs of the actual city workers, like garbage and park maintenance. Not Justine's friends.





Unlike Justine, BLAINE KNOWS it's a BROWN'S TOWN


It was a YUUUUGE day for the big hearted self deprecating never say die Cleveland Browns fans! Loyalty and a sense of humor are the 2 best qualities of Clevelanders in general and ESPECIALLY Browns fans as their beloved team heads to the postseason. And EVEN THOUGH Justine was the star quarterback at SOME Cleveland public high school or other according to his self published hagiography WHILE ATTENDING CATHOLIC SCHOOL IN GARFIELD HEIGHTS where he lived in a home his Mama owned who worked for Cuyahoga County, Justine DESPISES the Browns and ALL that they stand for. Tailgating, massive parking lots, privately owned cars, gas guzzling SUVs (unless they are in HIS personal tax payer supported fleet of 4), suburban white AND BLACK FANS DRIVING downtown where they DON'T pay CLEVELAND property taxes having a good time cheering on THEIR team and most of all WHITE WEALTHY OWNERS who quite rightfully expect the city to contribute for upgrades to the CITY OWNED STADIUM built with public funds by his ummmm mentor Michael White. Justine WISHES the Browns were 0-15 and then he could VIRTUE SIGNAL his way to DEMANDING the Haslams pay for for all the upgrades themselves. The Haslams by the way just donated $20 million to University Hospital to establish a sports medicine clinic, while Justine didn't pay the rent he owed AFTER his eviction by K and D until I pointed it out. Justine is VERY GOOD at DEMANDS and ULTIMATUMS but USELESS AT NEGOTIATING. Unlike our NEXT MAYOR, the friend of the people, the affable outgoing approachable BLAINE GRIFFIN, who KNOWS how to talk to people, to negotiate in good faith, to LISTEN. Justine on the other hand prefers raising his tiny fist and making demands and proclamations, like when gunfire erupted outside a funeral in Mt. Pleasant, Justine said "This. Must. Stop." LMFAO. Hire some COPS Justine. COPS not social workers. The Cleveland Browns have a stunning lovable eclectic cast of characters including 2 African princes and 4 quarterbacks including late hire Joe Flacco, the modest unassuming 38 year old who in his prime with the arch enemy Ravens beat the Browns 18 times and THIS year stepped in to save their season. The Browns have a BLACK Harvard educated GM and EVP who at 36 years old is a super star in his OWN right in the executive suite.  The Brown's story is worthy of a feature film but unlike Justine's "jobs" and "accomplishments" the Brown's story is ACTUALLY TRUE. In a petty mean spirited bitter move which is his trademark, Justine is REFUSING to contribute to the stadium upgrade. Which the CITY OWNS. The ONE good thing Cleveland has going for right now is the Browns. And after wasting almost a billion dollars in scandemic relief on vanity projects and new fake overpaid jobs in his bloated administration, what does CLEVELAND have to show for it.  And by the way WHERE was Justine's Merry Christmas fundraising email? Christmas is not a REAL holiday to Justine, like Pride MONTH is. So I'M looking forward to the POST season and our winning team. Dee and Jimmy will be in the driver's seat inspite of Justine's little tantrum! Cleveland (Browns) can't WAIT ;) Let the games begin.

It's a Wrap. Lies, Excuses, BLAME, desperation

Little Justine, desperate to take attention away from the BROWN'S success, sent out a cloying end of the year money grubbing email. With his trademark LACK OF SPECIFICS when trumpting his so called "successes", lemme break it down for you, what , WITHOUT THE BROWNS SUCCESS, is REALLY HAPPENING IN CLEVELAND under this incompetent narcissist.

He BRAGS about "TRANSFORMING PUBLIC SAFETY." By presiding over a RECORD BREAKING number of MURDERS, and other crimes including embarassing shootings in public places in BROAD DAYLIGHT at public events and armed hold ups of VISITORS at downtown hotels.. Although the final tally isn't in....expect the number to be even higher once the clock runs out on 2023, Cleveland is on pace to set a NEW record for MURDERS, breaking the record set in the 1980's when Cleveland had double the population it has now. The Cleveland Police Force is DOWN 300 officers and in spite of pay rise MANY are STILL leaving the force because they do NOT want their performance evaluated by Samiria Rice (former drug dealer and drug addict) clones, the "citizen's commision" aka Issue 24 which is strongly supported by Justine.

The LEAD PAINT law which Justine also strongly supported and in fact declared non compliant small landlords Public Enemy #1 This has resulted in less than 10% of property owners, 4 YEARS IN, complying, in spite of wild threats from Justine of prosectution and jail time and the hiring of enforcement officers. Local landlords are madly unloading their properties to out of town buyers who are jacking up the rent. There are ZERO cheap apartments now thanks to Justine for those who pay their own rent, without subsidies from HUD. Fun fact. Justine didn't pay his rent EITHER and was evicted twice. But he's cool NOW because ALL his new "friends" that he hasn't hired in made up jobs in his "cabinet" are in real estate development. This MUST be the"putting our strongest assets to work" reference in his email. Many OUT OF TOWN developers are putting windowless micro units into historic Cleveland Properties with obscenely HIGH rent, like The Bell and the Rockefeller Building, satisfying Justine's 15 minute city wet dream. 

"Prioritizing our incredible neighborhoods", says little Justine in his final fund rasing email of 2023. No specifics of course but WE already know where these "incredible" neighborhoods ARE to Justine. Hint NOT Union Miles. The wealthy white ones. Full of Karens and their beta male companions. Ohio City, Tremont, University Circle, Detroit Shoreway. They LOVE Justine and he loves them right back.

"Building a city hall that works for you". Justine accomplished this by hiring an army of new "friends" in brand new positions making 6 figures with VERY vague duties who are only accountable to Justine.He loves showboating and taking dozens of them on "retreats" right in Cleveland picked up and delivered by his fleet of tax payer funded stretch limos and spending thousands on their hotel rooms and meals. Don't CROSS the little dictator though. Look what happened to Tessa Jackson. 311 is STILL not working. Public Square is STILL blocked off with those pylons. There is no longer a handicapped restroom in city hall because it has been replaced by Justine with a FABULOUS rainbow transgender one.

On the OTHER side of City Hall, City Council Chair Blaine Griffin will be celebrating the new year AND MLK's birthday with the opening of the FIRST supermarket in decades in the inner city in Fairfax with the Meijer's market And new AFFORDABLE housing. With WINDOWS. AND PARKING. On JANUARY 16. Our NEXT Mayor,  now in waiting......


In Justine's HASTE to get someone to write him a script to read to get the "message" out about his "ACCOMPLISHMENTS" he didn't have time to practice. This was not an INTERVIEW, of course because Justine is NOT ABOUT TO ANSWER SPECIFIC QUESTIONS. ESPECIALLY about the massive stadium upgrades required for our beloved play-off bound Browns that he REFUSES to discuss. Or the mysterious 1000 acre land grab.  Justine prefers delivering his "message" in a prepackaged 2 minute "video" where he smiles woodenly and unconvincingly every 10 seconds and takes weird random breaks in the middle of sentences ALMOST AS IF HE IS READING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME, making it SO MUCH MORE PERSONAL. AND he ALSO invented a new word. PRESERVERANCE. Not to be confused with PERSERVERANCE which is just an ordinary word from the dictionary. PRESERVERANCE is a new word created by Justine and it  describes not ONLY his incredible lack of accomplishements but also his lack of personality and humor. Justine REALLY belongs in SEATTLE. 

"The new momentum and energy surrounding this moment." Uh Huh. A meaningless word salad fake Vice President Chlamydia Harris would envy. Some "highlights" from his speech include these gems TWO YEARS IN.. "We have started to build a city hall".... that has changed the garbage schedule for the first time since the Eisenhower era. What Justine failed to mention is that Cleveland has lost HALF it's population since those glory day when Cleveland was a manufacturing powerhouse not reliant on Federal government handouts. This is an opening for garbage pick up to change from weekly to twice monthly for the first time since the Woodrow Wilson era so Justine can continue to pay all his new "friends" in his "cabinet"  Justine brags about the new smart parking meters but they are ACTUALLY the same old meters with a code taped to them so you can pay on your phone. No thanks I'll continue to use quarters.  Another "highlight" as Justine trips over his words, is the Scamdemic dollars TWENTY MILLION of them have been used for roads. Parks. Playgrounds. Again that lack of specifics that characterize EVERYTHING Justine says. Which parks? What roads? What playgrounds WHERE are these? Under FRANK JACKSON, all this was done WITHOUT the funny money from Uncle Sam. What happens to the roads, the parks, the playgrounds AND the "traffic calming" which I assume is spikes in the payment now that the ALL the scamdemic money is gone.

Let's cut to the chase here. THE REAL REASON Justine made this embarassing, hastily slapped together video is the $50 million scamdemic dollars for the 1000 acre land grab. Trying to "explain" while not explaining at all. Justine does not say WHERE these 1000 acres are but it WILL be around the Opportunity Corridor. Is this money going to be used to lure 25 "factories" that will employ 9000 unskilled "workers' living off the OC. That is what Justine's team of highly paid fiction writers used in a submission requesting $500,000 for "site clean-up" from some federal agency or other.  WE know NONE of those factories are ever going to be happening. And that is why Justine does NOT mention it. Justine says "$50 million dollars (will be) invested in revitalizing 1000 acres of vacant land" That's IT! ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION OF FACTORIES AND JOBS. NO MENTION AT ALL of what is going to be done with all this land. Justine is trying to keep his plans on the low low. The LEAST transparent Mayor in Cleveland history does NOT want anyone to know what he and former "pharma" salesperson, the Godfather Michael White, who is the man behind the curtain pulling the strings, are up to. Because REALLY what that land is going to be used for is a big gift to his brand new developer "friends' to build a massive concentration camp style 15 minute city with a high security fence, digital IDs, quackzene passports and NO CARS. No gas chambers. Yet. Poor black people's 15 minute city will be a fenced in compound in the ghetto with an 18 foot fence with barbed wire on top. While wealthy little white boys, special "bachelor friends" of Justine, with their fat city paychecks of $175,000 per year like Geospatial Analyst Mattie Mossie get a FABULOUS TOTALLY free lot in the OTHER OC, where he is building a dream single family house with a private yard where he can ride his tricycle to expensive bistros and virtue signal all the way. Mattie the Chosen One is ALSO is building an ATTACHED GARAGE and he gets to do that because he bleats the Justine mantra, knowing that it does NOT apply to HIM....or Justine. "People NOT CARS". The new "let them eat cake". That is how Justine rolls in one of his 6 tax payer funded limos.

So donate $2 NOW to Justine and YOU the Cleveland taxpayer can be a part of Beijing on the OC.


Best to all of us in 2024

 I joined REALNEO in 2004 -twenty years ago.  Many of the first adopters of social media in Cleveland have died.  George Nemeth was an early force. 

"Although some people viewed George as being propelled by dislike, more than anything, he searched for ways to bring us closer to one another. George was about proximity - to the thing itself, whether it was business, politics or people."

It is good Mabeldog to see you writing in 2024.  Local politics here have not gotten much better than in 2004.  And the world stage is even worse. There are no saviors.  But, at least we can talk here- unfiltered.

The First Amendment lives

Real NEO set the stage. And Elon Musk for ALL his faults made Free Speech free again globally THIS is the year the deplorables fight back to win. 

NEWS FLASH Ms. Justine is heading to WASHINGTON



GREAT NEWS! Justine revealed to Scene Magazine that he will be spending VERY LITTLE TIME in Cleveland in 2024. He is going to leave the policing problems that he is unable to fix and the CRIME surge in Cleveland to the DESPISED Republicans and the state police in Columbus because he's outta here. He's heading to the BIG TIME to Washington where he and Petey Bootyboy will be entertaining dozens of other Friends of Dorothy at fabulous soirees. Petey is concerned with racist highways and potholes and abortions for all straight women EXCEPT of course the one birthing chamber that he and his "husband" purchased "their" children from. Petey is totally NOT concerned with the chaos and impending disaster in the airline industry. Which, as the so called Secretary of Transporation, is ACTUALLY what he SHOULD be concerned about. A couple of examples. On July 29 a United Airlines jet almost split in two as it had a "hard" landing "piloted" by an imcompetent DEI hire who was a fired stewadess. AND last week a door blew off an Alaska Airlines jet, a brand new 737 manufactured a LITTLE too hastily by Boeing, almost sucking all the passengers out at 18,000 feet. There have dozens of OTHER near disasters with DEI hired air traffic controllers and those are routinely covered up too, as well as the thousands and thousands of illegal migrants unscreened and riddled with long forgotten diseases and possibly weapons are being flown around the country FOR FREE by commercial airlines sitting next to paying passengers. Petey like Claudine (maybe not) Gay and and that unqualified United Airlines pilot/stewardess is a strict DEI hire. The failed RACIST mayor of a forgettable town in Indiana where was NOT popular with blacks and accomplished nothing was parachuted into the TRANSportation job STRICTLY for being gay. Petey and Justine will be loading their tricycles onto a government limousine and pulling them out behind a tree to jump on them giggling and then ride a few feet for a photo op to grandstand how cycling is the ONLY way to go!


Anyway Justine between parties and photo ops with Petey, will ALSO be panhandling once again for funding from our 36 TRILLION DOLLAR IN DEBT federal government for Green New Deal vanity projects now that he blown through the $500 MILLION in scamdemic relief. He has nothing to show for it except "plans" for the lakefront for rich white people and dozens of reports written by his overpaid new hires and creepy surveillance and $50 million being set aside to prime the pump for his developer "friends" for massive 15 minute city concentration camps for poor black people along the Opportunity Corridor. As Justine and Petey plot for the Democrat partynomination in 2028. 





Did Justine REFUSE to meet with Roger Goodell

As the Browns season has drawn to a heartbreaking close to the dismay of Dawgpounders everywhere, but not of course to Justine who is GLEEFULLY high fiving his PAID-BY-THE-TAXPAYER friends at City Hall. According to a recent article in Signal by Mark Naymik, who is PROBABLY NOT on Justine's Christmas Card list (IF Justine celebrated Christmas which he clearly doesn't), when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell came to Cleveland in December city hall said the "mayor" did NOT meet with him. It is JUST the kind of petty spiteful thing Justine would do. PLUS his handlers at city hall are WELL AWARE Justine would be TOTALLY and EMBARASSINGLY out of his league trying to interest Roger in his totally fabulous "plans" for climate "justice" instead of making it CLEAR that he will do anything to keep the Browns in an upgraded stadium on the lake. Because Justine does NOT want the Browns. The Browns are in the way of the car-free downtown that he plans to mandate as part of his 15 minute city lockdowns. All those thousands of "illegal" gas guzzling privately owned cars taking fans to the Browns games are NOT in his plans.

The Haslams are committed to keeping the Browns in N.E OHIO. But NOT necessarily in Cleveland. UNLESS the city puts up substantial funds to repair and update the too-hastily constructed Stadium. Justine is hoping to drive the Browns OUT OF CLEVELAND, while he and his very pricey team headed by our OWN Jeffrey Epstein, devise YET ANOTHER plan for the lakefront. Without any money AND WITHOUT the Browns?? Justine who has NEVER held a REAL job (and even the "jobs" he supposedly had in the "non profit" sector are extremely SKETCHY)  or managed a budget WITHOUT Scamdemic Relief, does not have a CLUE how much money the Browns bring to Cleveland to PRIVATE BUSINESSES and also TAX REVENUE they bring. "IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT THEY CAN MOVE TO PARMA" says Justine GRANDLY practicing his upcoming speech to the masses channeling Marie Antoinette complete with powdered wig, in front of his gold filigree framed 6' x 8' foot mirror in the foyer of his penthouse at the Illuminati Suites on Euclid. He prefers to concentrate his "energy" on obtaining federal funds for his "climate' $$$$cam. Justine has told his city hall con artist/friends that Cleveland won't NEED the Browns once he spends 6 months in Washington with Petey B scrounging for "relief" for his green energy plan. But secretly Justine is hoping Petey can pull strings and get him installed in Jean Francois Cary's old job as the Climate Czar.  Because Cleveland does NOT deserve Justine.

Waiting ALL DAY for Justine's MLK fundraising email

Yesterday, SUNDAY, city trucks with SNOW PLOWS were driving around aimlessly and pointlessly all over Cleveland on triple overtime. Yes it WAS cold, colder than a witches tit, TOO cold in fact to snow. And TODAY MLK's birthday Justine missed an opportunity to grovel for funds with a self serving email about how MLK may have faced problems but that HE, JUSTINE, faces WORSE PROBLEMS. NOTHING HAS CHANGED since 1963 in Cleveland. According to Justine. There is CLIMATE INEQUITY. And transgender discrimination. And the BROWNS who want money that he doesn't have because he BLEW ALL the scamdemic relief on vanity projects. AND crime is racistly spiraling out of control in Cleveland according to Justine while he blames guns, NOT the desperate shortage of police officers. So the STATE police and the CUYAHOGA COUNTY sheriff are doing Justine's job for him because JUSTINE is unable to find anyone who wants to work in law enforcement under him and consequently the Cleveland police are 300 THREE HUNDRED officers short. Justine ignored Thanksgiving because it is racist. Check. And then Christmas because it is racist. Check. NOW the sainted MLK has been ignored TOO. Check. Because NO ONE not even MLK suffered for his people like Justine. Justine is ONLY celebrating Pride MONTH because well if you know you know.

Justine "CARES" but Blaine DELIVERS

Justine's creative writing team dashed off an email questionaire to the masses yesterday. Justine was out of town when it went out. As MARK NAYMIK, who amusingly and CORRECTLY points out in Signal, "The mayor has embraced the EXTRACURRICULAR side of the job", on this trip meeting ONCE AGAIN with Petey B and ALSO Pizzagate pedophile John Podesta. Here is how the email questionnaire starts out. "WE delivered on major campaign promises in 2023 transforming how we THINK about public safety" REALLY Justine??!!WE the people of Cleveland ain't rethinking nothing about public safety. YOU NEED TO HIRE COPS. Over 300. As in IMMEDIATELY because CRIME continues to spiral out of control, while you are constantly out of town showboating and panhandling for federal funds.  According to the email Justine is suddenly AND SUSPICIOUSLY interested in building "a Cleveland that works for everyone" NOT JUST his BFF's at K and D who have bought up most of the real estate in downtown Cleveland, under Justine's watch. K and D told Justine to GET RID OF TESSA JACKSON. And he did! Well some underling on his personal staff did. The VERY SAME K and D who evicted Justine AND forgave his Second Cause judgement the same day I pointed out he owed K and D money. It IS LIKELY NOT a coincidence that Justine's team had this hastily created email sent out THE VERY SAME DAY a City Council mailer arrived outlining the Council's LEGITIMATE accomplishments and goals. Justine didn't have time to mail anything out desperately trying to "get ahead" of Council. The City Council brochure was lavishly produced and while you MIGHT have reason to question the main accomplishment of SOME individual Councilmen, the City Council Chair and our NEXT Mayor, BLAINE GRIFFIN STANDS TALL. First of all the Fairfax Meijer's is a triumph. It's beautiful, well stocked, well laid out and has EVERYTHING including hundreds of Cleveland and Ohio products. Basic groceries include a very well stocked produce department, there are affordable and also higher priced products in each department. There is ample parking, a well trained staff who are VERY proud of their new place of employment. I talked to several of them, some of them long time residents of Ward 6, and although I am a Heinen's shopper I will definitely be back. With affordable apartments above and around The Fairfax Market and the Cleveland Cleveland within walking distance for the thousands of people who work there, it is going to be a huge financial success. The whole development does Cleveland PROUD! Because of BLAINE GRIFFIN'S partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, Meijer's and the real estate developers this multi faceted project, 6 years in the making is the best thing to happen to the neighborhood since the Cleveland Museum of Art opened 100 years ago. In the brochure from City Council, Blaine says, "Cleveland City Council believes RESIDENTS AND COMMUNITIES SHOULD RECEIVE TANGIBLE BENEFITS WHEN DEVELOPERS SEEK CITY ASSISTANCE FOR NEW PROJECTS" BINGO! While Justine FIRES anyone (Tessa Jackson and others) who UPSET HIS developers, Blaine holds them accountable. Continuing from the brochure, "For this reason Council passed a LAW sponsored by COUNCIL PRESIDENT BLAINE GRIFFIN to transform this belief INTO REALITY. The law establishes a floor for what benefits developers PROVIDE FOR CLEVELAND" YES for Cleveland NOT FOR JUSTINE.  "Those benefits include but are not limited to apprenticeship, internship, and mentor-protege programs, community meetings, NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENTS, and investments in minority and female enterprises. WHEN DEVELOPERS RECEIVE SUPPORT TO BUILD IN CLEVELAND, THE COMMUNITY MUST ALSO BENEFIT." Blaine always keeps the residents of CLEVELAND as his very first priority. Justine does NONE of that he allows developers to hand out bus passes instead of providing PARKING LOTS to fulfill his wet dream of turning Cleveland into a carless 15 minute city prison and to further endear himself to his special friend Petey B.

So back to Justine's questionnaire. I want to know when the results are going to be made public. The 'online tracking tool" to grade his 100 top campaign promises set up in early 2022 has mysteriously DISAPPEARED. Gone. Like Tessa Jackson and other girls he got rid of.

Where are the survey results from Justine's questionnaire

So ONLY YESTERDAY Cleveland was in desperate need of 400 police officers. And surprisingly few are signing up in spite of Justine's raising the MAXIMUM age from 40 to are you ready 55. That's right! Old out of shape guys and even gals frantic for work being sent to certain death like drag queen "president" Zelenskyyyy is doing to old men in Ukraine. No 55 year old male, female or they/them is equipped mentally or physically to spend one night patrolling the crime infested mean streets of Cleveland. For ONE thing the Police in Cleveland get ZERO support from the "administration" and are subjected to "discipline" from the Hate the Police panel, celebrated by Justine, made up of disgruntled bitter single "Moms" like Samiria Rice, who are policing the police. ALSO cops must work MANDATORY 12 hours shifts, so any legitimate under-35 year old potential candidates are looking elsewhere. But guess what? PROBLEM SOLVED! With NEW MATH brought to Clevelanders by Justine and Abdul Mohammad Abdul, the Finance Czar, 180 vacant police positions were just eliminated. Wited out like property taxes of the Land Banks holdings. So now MAGICALLY Cleveland is ONLY SHORT 220 police officers that is before dozens MORE resign. Isn't that FABULOUS?? Clevelanders worried about leaving their houses in many dangerous neighborhoods can rest easier now just knowing that Cleveland UNDER JUSTINE is closing the gap in police hiring. By a stroke of his magic fairy wand, Justine "handles" the situation by defunding the police and eliminating almost 200 positions AT THE SAME TIME! WITHOUT A SINGLE VOTE from anyone who actually lives in Cleveland and isn't driven around with armed security in one of 6 tax payer funded limos. Justine is out and proud to be turning Cleveland into the next SEATTLE where Justine held one of his previous fake jobs. Look for several CHAZ zones to spring up downtown next summer. Adding to the headaches for NEWLY HIRED hired senior citizen law enforcement officers working 12 hour shifts in the blazing heat, collapsing from strokes and heart attacks while trying to fight crime.


By the way where are the results of that hastily contrived email sent out by Justine 2 weeks ago asking Clevelanders to fill out their priorities for Cleveland in the next 2 years. I'm pretty sure we'll NEVER see the results but if we did eliminating almost TWO HUNDRED police officers positions would NOT be on the list. Bank on that. 


Where are the results of Justine's fake survey?

Justine IS “shocked” by the size of CMSD deficit

According to a post in Signal by Nick Castele, Justine had NO IDEA that CMSD is running low on Scamdemic funds. REALLY! LMFAO. Of COURSE the scam-demic and ALL associated Federal giveaways is over. Justine, who has been blowing "relief" funds like a crack head on the first of the month, is WELL AWARE of that. And 3 black councilmen, Anthony Hairston, Kevin Conwell, and Richard Starr, according to Signal, are calling Justine OUT on his lying bullshit. Justine CLAIMS it wasn't until the BLACK GUY took over the ugly truth was revealed. According to Justine the previous WHITE GUY didn't tell him nuffin. CMSD is running a deficit on student test scores too but that's another story that will not be told by local "news". Justine has been EXTREMELY BUSY making excuses about why he is unable to hire any police officers to address sky rocketing crime so he boldly cut 118 police positions and will be blowing the $11 million dollar "savings" on more vanity projects. So now instead of being 400 officers short, the vacancy number of under 300. Also today is the 23rd day of black history month 2024!and the only email Justine sent was hastily written on February 2nd highlighting HIS accomplishment of being installed as the absolute WORST Mayor Cleveland history, with zero skills, a fake resume and 2 years in, zero accomplishments as Cleveland circles the drain. He WAS celebrating Gay Pride all month culminating with the removal and "repurposing" of a handicapped toilette for the physically disabled at City Hall into a toilet for MENTALLY disabled transgenders.

Our NEXT mayor Blaine Griffin has been silent on this issue. When your opponent is digging himself into a hole, make sure he has a shovel ready shovel.


Interesting take - Rebecca Maurer

 Reprinting from her e-newsletter, Maurer apparently blames mismanagement of ARPA funds by CMSD for current shortfall:


The Three Priorities That I Discussed with the Mayor
During the budget hearings, each Councilmember gets the chance ask questions of the Mayor. Every Councilmember takes a slightly different approach. For me, I decided to lay out as plainly as I could my three priority projects and what I was looking for in terms of the budget. Here's what I talked to the mayor about:

1. Improving City Services and 311: From my first day in office, I was focused on delivering basic constituent services for Ward 12 -- from new garbage bins to a clear, transparent system for how vacant lots are mowed.

Last year the city paid for a new 311 system and the Administration has been working behind the scenes to implement it. It will be launched publicly in the next few months.

A nice new system will make a huge difference, but it needs to be backed up by Departments that are ready to do the work. Do we have enough replacement garbage bins under this budget? It looks like it! How long does it take to trim a tree under this budget? Still way too long. Will we be prepared to explain this year's mowing system to the public? I'm doubtful.

When you read between the lines of the dry budget numbers in Public Works, Urban Forestry, 311 and more, there is an important story to tell on delivering you basic services.

2. Implementing the New Residents First Legislation: As you read in my last newsletter, the city passed an important piece of legislation last month. Residents First is meant to overhaul the way our Building and Housing system works. The goal is hold negligent out-of-state landlords accountable. But as you know, a piece of paper doesn't do much. Does Building and Housing have the staff it needs to actually implement Residents First? The Administration says yes.

But because of a new accounting method within the annual budget book, it wasn't clear that Building and Housing would actually get the staff needed. All the open positions were moved to a generic "vacancy pool" -- something which worried people, including me. Thankfully, Council and the Administration both agreed we needed to protect the B&H positions, and we moved 20 open positions out of the vacancy pool and back into B&H this past week.

3. Delivering on the Promise of a Lead-Safe Cleveland: I fundamentally believe that one of the great generational challenges here in Cleveland is tackling our lead poisoning crisis. Our lead poisoning numbers are still higher than those in Flint, Michigan.

That's why we need the city's 2019 lead law to work.

Under that law, landlords with pre-1978 homes must certify that their property is lead-safe by completing a clearance exam. However, the number of landlords certifying their properties as lead safe has been going down, not up. And even though there is a lot of money on the table for landlords from the private Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition, I hear regularly that the experience of getting through the whole program is very poor.

Delivering on the promise of a lead-safe Cleveland means making sure that Building and Housing, the Health Department, and Community Development are all operating at their best.

Two Themes that Emerged from Discussions This Week
1. Being Transparent on Public Safety: It would be impossible to talk about the City Budget without highlighting the critical discussion of public safety. To put it simply, if we are spending 51% of the city's general fund budget on public safety, residents should feel safe and be safe. If they aren't, we have work to do.

The critical questions about violence prevention and police staffing levels became more complicated this week when Cleveland's Safety Director resigned.

There is a lot to discuss about where we need to go from here. But I want to take the time here to dispel one myth that gained traction because of the upheaval this week. This year's city budget does not lay off Cleveland police officers or lower our police staffing level.

Instead, what the budget does is it lowers the gap between the officers we currently have the officers we want. We currently have about 1,170 officers on staff. Last year's budget called for 1,498 officers -- which was hundreds more than we had at the time. We never got even close to that number. This year's budget drops that number to 1,350 -- still 180 officers more than we have right now.

Under the prior Safety Director, we only had 11 cadets in the most recent class. Those cadets didn't even make up for the officers retiring. This recruitment issue is something that I think the new Safety Director will very much want to change.

So to dispel the myth, 180 more budgeted officers is plenty of room for hiring. It will be our recruitment, retention, and our policies -- not our budget -- that will determine police staffing in 2024.

2. Spending One-Time Money on One-Time Projects. A hot topic of discussion this week was the way the City of Cleveland spent one-time federal dollars like ARPA. The City went out of its way to spend one-time dollars on one-time projects like new playgrounds. But as you may have heard, CMSD got their own set of federal dollars and did not follow this practice. They hired staff and set up programs using the one-time money. And now that those federal dollars have been spent, CMSD is facing a large deficit.

The CMSD budget process is separate from the overall City budget and is formally reviewed by the CMSD School Board, not City Council. Still, I feel strongly that it is the responsibility of every city leader to understand what is happening at CMSD. I am eager to learn more of what went wrong here and share with you all what is happening. I'll save that full discussion for another newsletter.
One Important Message
I have one important message to leave you with. The City of Cleveland's budget may be complicated, but it's the single most important document that Council reviews each year to set the future of Cleveland. Do you want to provide feedback on what you've seen here? Reply to this email, leave a public comment, or reach out to the Mayor's office at mayorbibb [at] clevelandohio [dot] gov.

Justine hired his boyfriend in a fake job

It has been revealed the day after a 13 year old was shot AND KILLED in Brooklyn Centre, that Justine SECRETLY hired his "roommate"  TWO MONTHS AGO WITHOUT APPROVAL FROM CITY COUNCIL, in a fabulous newly created $124,000 "safety department" position in Justine's bloated, useless, dangerous and unaccountable "cabinet". Apparently "Mr." McHugh will be supervising and instructing the new police academy class largely consisting of 60 year old rookies who have the physical prowess of what's left of Zelenskyyyyy's undead armed forces. Our beloved real mayor Frank Jackson did NOT have half the private staff Justine has created and yet there was far less crime, less microscopic $1500 per month one room "apartment" complexes crammed onto every landfill lot in the city DESIGNED to collapse the century old sewer and water lines (largely unrented but I'll discuss THAT in a later post as well their DELINQUENT property tax records). Anyway so Phillip McHugh, Justine's NEW main squeeze is a balding effeminate (not that there's anything WRONG with that) metrosexual AND a proud diploma holder from Google's Project Management Academy. A prestigious elite institution of higher learning SO ELITE that no one has ever heard of it. Justine just loves him some white boys and rewards them for services rendered with fake highly compensated UNAPPROVED jobs. Little Justine who is NOTORIOUSLY thin skinned and liable to fly off the handle when members of city council question his obscene expenses and job creations for his white boy posse. Because he is the biggest BETA male FOD, Justine no longer attends city council meetings. When will Clevelanders FINALLY accept that Justine ONLY answers to his higher powers. No NOT the taxpaying Cleveland residents. NOT CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS, especially NOT the black guys who ain't stuntin' him. Justine answers ONLY to WHITE real estate developers. And his special FWB like Mattie Moss our own Jeffrey Epstein and the godfather of crime and corruption the REAL mayor hisself MRW

Richard Starr 1 Justine 0

So Richard (is a rock) Starr stared Justine down on the hiring of his racist WHITE "roommate" in a pretend $124,000 "job". And RS scored a total knockout. And has the Tshirt to prove it! You see Richard Starr ACTUALLY DID grow up in the hood unlike little Justine who was raised by his his Mammy in Garfield Heights in a house she owned and went to Catholic school there. Not John Adams or East Tech. Justine's Mammy worked for Cuyahoga County AND collected $524 PER MONTH in child support for all of Justine's life as she left Justine's firefighter Daddy as soon as she popped out that meal ticket. Justine MAY have passed through Mt. Pleasant but he did NOT grow up there. Justine is a liar and coward. Richard Starr earned his place on City council by getting his degree after losing once and then running again. He was not put in by ex con Mike White and all his white wealthy developer friends. Wouldn't it be FABULOUS if IF Richard Starr decided to run for Mayor and Justine had to debate him? Justine would pee his little boxer shorts 

Tale of Two Millennial Cleveland representatives ONE is a LIAR

Now that the pus filled sore of Phillip McHugh has been excised and REMOVED from Cleveland by Super Starr Ward 5 Council rep let's take a closer look at the backgrounds of Richard Starr and Justine Bibb. Let's start with Justine's "education" and "job" history is that of a C- student who leaned on affirmative action and connections. He has NEVER held a real job, NEVER been on a board for any organization that helped the less fortunate. He has done ZERO volunteer work. He ONLY serves to serve HIMSELF. His VERY sketchy employment history is described as he "worked" at the "intersection" of government, business and the totally fraudulent self serving non-profit sector which is just another arm of the government. So let's start with his "internship" for Obama. Obama was a senator from 2005-2008. Almost 20 years ago. Was that when Justine was roomies with Phillip McHugh at Georgetown. When exactly WAS Justine at Georgetown? Like what YEARS from when to when. AND he was in law school at Cleveland State. When was that? Did he graduate?  When was he Vice President at Key Bank? When he was EVICTED TWICE from high end downtown apartments. And then he was a "special assistant" mmmhmm for Cuyahoga County. When? AND for who at Cuyahoga County? What department or PERSON did Justine work for? And then he was head of the global cities practice at Gallup? Where was this? Is this the Urbanova "smart" cities scam. And what exactly were his duties at ANY of these so called jobs. He was a Vice President at Key Bank. OF WHAT? THAT was supposedly his most recent job. He also claims to have co-founded the "non" profit called Hack Cleveland. In 2014. It did not file with the Ohio Secretary of State. It had one meeting in 2016.  There is a photo and Justine is NOT in it. It no longer appears to exist. Or might be called Jump Start. With an address of 11327 Shaker Blvd. THE SAME ADDRESS AS NEIGHBORHOOD PROGRESS! But he ALSO was living in Seattle AT THE SAME TIME working for "Urbanova" where he was plucked like a rotten apple by Michael White and his coterie of WHITE wealthy developers to run for Mayor. And be their puppet.Justine has 3 traffic tickets one in 2016 and one in 2017 AND one in 2018. His driver's license was suspended. for ONE of the cases he tried to claim he was the "victim" of a non functioning light. The judge saw otherwise. He paid fines of $280 for each case. His license may still be suspended which is why he has a stable of drivers and city owned high end SUVs just for him. Justine started out as mayor where his major support is gays and white Karens by strong arming black churches to double down on their congregations to force the fake quackzene. For the first year or two he blamed the GREAT Frank Jackson, legal gun owners and Republicans in Columbus whenever he was questioned about escating crime and poverty. He held a meeting for all his new hires in brand newly created jobs at a fabulous catered private hotel IN OHIO CITY. ALL AT THE EXPENSE OF BROKE ASS CLEVELAND TAXPAYERS. HE FIRED TESSA JACKSON. He makes constant trips to Washington to panhandle for funds for his vanity projects. He removed the handicapped bathroom at City Hall and replaced it with a transgender bathroom. He rarely attends city council meeting because he is TERRIFIED of the East Side council representatives asking him questions. The wheels are coming off Justine faster than a Boeing 737. He is such a phony and a liar and a coward and extremely thin skinned and when criticized likely to fly off the handle. The competant are retiring and quitting ANDS BEING FIRED while he replaces them with people who are incompetant because they flatter him. Like Bradford Davey and Jeffrey Epstein. Justine's convoluted largely fictional work experience and education is deliberately created to be impossible to confirm or verify.


ON THE OTHER HAND and OTHER side of city hall is the Fearless Fighter, the outspoken takes no prisoners Richard Starr WARD 5 Council Representative who has been given NOTHING in life and yet is a strong articulate outspoken winner. He was raised in King Kennedy as one of 6 kids to a hard working single mom. His tough life is NOT a work of fiction like Justine's and it shows. Every step of the way Richard Starr has been transparent. He can spot bullshit a mile away and knows when the emperor has no clothes and isn't afraid to say it. Growing up he spent his free time at the Boys and Girls Club and according to his Ward 5 bio "where his love of sports and community service blossomed and inspired his career path". After years working for the Boys and Girls Clubs (that are STILL the BOYS and GIRLS clubs....) he became the Director of Sports and Recreation for NE Ohio Boys and Girls Clubs in 2023. He serves on the following boards: the Hunger Network, the Urban League, Chairman of the Cuyahoga County office of Re-entry and the Greater Cleveland Leadership Coalition. He is a lifelong Cleveland resident and has used his knowledge and the force of his personality to win funding for many YOUTH related projects like creating jobs for kids. When he lost his first race for City Council he put himself through Baldwin Wallace for a bachelor's degree in Sports management and an MBA. In his throw down speech to City Council regarding Justine's hiring Phillip McHugh he stands out as a formidable opponent SHOULD he choose to run for Mayor. Justine has the Karen and the gay vote locked up but Cleveland is NOT Seattle and there are way more of US who would vote for Richard Starr in a heartbeat.

Does Justine HIRE any black people or only FIRE them

So now that racist loser Phillip McHugh is out of a job and is SUING Richard Starr for hurting his feelings. Richard Starr told the TRUTH that is the problem. And this issue will CLEARLY further divide Cleveland voters. As I pointed out Justine has the white Karen and gay vote locked up. BUt REAL ORDINARY CUT THE CRAP Clevelanders support Richard Starr. Let's see Justine hired Phillip McHugh, Matt Moss, Jeffrey Epstein and FIRED Tessa Jackson and basically forced out Karrie Howard. I could go on and on but Richard Starr was absolutely correct when he said to city council, Justine isn't working for the people in King Kennedy or Outhwaite.


Cyber attacks at the new VASTLY IMPROVED under Justine's Cleveland Can't Wait fraudulent incompetent administration causing City Hall to be shut down indefinitely because the tech guy quit in April. While joy riding around in honor of GAY Pride his FAVORITE MONTH Justine told the driver of one of his 6 city funded limos to put on the flasher and blow through the red light causing an accident hitting a law abiding citizen's car, for which the Cleveland taxpayers NOT JUSTINE will be liable. AND MOMENTS AGO Justine took responsibility BY BLAMING THE DRIVER. Justine is an arrogant liar who blames EVERYONE but himself. We ALL know that driver was following orders from his master Justine.  And today it has been announced that yet another of Justine's fabulous WET DREAM 15 minute cities The Bell is heading to foreclosure just like The Rockefeller. Same Texas con artists. 'Juneteenth would be a Great Day for Blaine Griffin to announce he's going to run for Mayor and drive this SHAMELESS GRIFTER OUT OF TOWN to join his racist BFFPhillip McHugh. We the people want the old Cleveland back. 

Justine supports genocide of black babies

Justine loves abortion. Trying to switch the focus off the accident that will cost the taxpayers of Cleveland $26,000, Justine switches to his FAVORITE topic. Abortion. The genocide of black babies. Justine has been VERY QUIET since the accident where he told his driver to put on the flashers to go from his free penthouse apartment at the Illuminati to City Hall. And blow through that red light. Justine who wants everyone else to give up their cars so why isn't Justine walking to work. It's only 5 fucking blocks WELL WITHIN THE CONFINES of Matty Moss's EXCITING YET PUNITIVE 15 Minute city guidelines. Young friends of mine dropped over last week. Young black guys from Mt. Pleasant who gave me the low down about Justine's after hours activities. Can you spell pizza parties. And ALL YEAR ROUND not just Gay Pride Month.

A young cop killed JUSTINE HIDES

In yet another tragedy for the overworked drastically understaffed Cleveland Police Department, a 27 year old officer was shot AND KILLED in cold blood on the dangerous streets of this crumbling city today the 4th of July. Justine issued a video  statement where he spent hours choosing his suit and tie, RATHER THAN MANNING UP AND HOLDING A PRESS CONFERENCE. Cleveland has never had a worse mayor he is a gutless lying coward. Will he be calling the family of this exemplary young officer?? Of course NOT. How many more officers will be quitting after this horrifying tragedy? And by the way where is the report of the accident where he ordered his driver to blow through the light. What's the hold up? Is Justine's staff destroying evidence? 


Justine is ignoring the killings. It's Sunday and he's brunching somewhere with his white rich donors, That summer "safety" initiative is really working out!!