Welcome to the real neo organization!

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 02/11/2007 - 02:49.

Welcome to real NEO org!

Since October, 2004, realneo has been a place on-line where people from around the world, mostly drawing from Northeast Ohio (NEO), have convened to share insight and intellectual property on a range of topics centered around concepts of sustainability - arts and culture, education, environment, economy, health, and technology. Up until February 8, 2007, realneo has been rooted at http://realneo.us. Since February 8, 2007, realneo has been rooted at http://realneo.org... and it will remain there forever. All of the content, functions and users from realneo.us are located at realneo.org and everything works the same way. The only difference is now all the webpages end in .org.

I am very pleased that we are making this transition, as realneo was always intended to be a non-profit organization belonging to the members... the public. And, even though based in Northeast Ohio, and focused on context of interest to local members, Realneo has always looked, drawn and acted globally - going well beyond NEO and .us

.org is a much better fit with realneo interests... real neo organization interests

Why we have suddenly made this transition is we determined we had a problem with the registration of our realneo.us URL. It seems that when we originally registered realneo.us our associate who registered the URL did so to his personal home address, with his phone number (no longer in service), and an email address that no longer works. We have not been able to reach this associate and the URL registration has expired. As of today, we have 25 or so days to make arrangements to revive the realneo.us URL, in which case we will make some arrangements to recreate the realneo.us site as well. We are interested to maintain all the realneo.us files in their original locations as they are linked to the entire Internet of websites, directories, search results, blogs etc.

If you are a realneo.us member who has been redirected here or just found us again, please log in and say hi. Your username and password will still work here. As always, feel free to add content and comments, including relevant events, and check back frequently as realneo is more active than ever.

If you are at realneo for the first time, welcome. The site is free and open source, running LAMP and Drupal. Simply create an account and participate.

The site technology is developed and hosted by 7GEN - see http://7gen.us. For any questions, please go to the contact page.

Welcome to the real neo organization!

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I was worried there.  No server listed for a couple of days and I thought all the great content you have compiled was lost to the great digital black hole!  Norm and your cohorts--you are providing a great service to this region.  Kudos!

kudos to Jeff for persistence

Kudos to Jeff Buster for persisting in the effort to get  the realneo.us back online! This was a learn as you go process that required several days of tenacity. Thank you Jeff!
And thank you Norm for providing this forum for all of us.

Jeff is a real NEO hero

Thanks for your concern and yes we had a close call with the realneo.us URL - it expired and we couldn't track down the correct registration data so the URL went dark for a few days. But Jeff, of sound mind, figured out the root of the problem and got the URL straightened out and back up. So now REALNEO can be found at .us or .org - ain't technology great, with great people.

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Likewise, I'm sure

I experienced a spot of trepidation myself, but I've seen Norm in action before, and I had a feeling he'd bring this one around, too. Little did I know that Jeff was in the mix as well. Jeff, are you here, or there, these days?