Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 02/10/2007 - 16:27.

 One way to move traffic seamlessly to a new different url is to set up a redirect on the first site, but that means the redirecting server must be active and cooperative.   If one has a copy of all the data on the redirecting server, including the logs of the IP numbers of the computers that have hit the site in the past, can those IP numbers be used to get out the message that there is a re-direct? 

In other words, can an email be sent to a mere IP number? without an email address? just to the IP number?

This question is apropos to shifting traffic from to 

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Can't email an IP address

Interesting thought but email doesn't work that way. We do have email addresses for the 500 or so registered realneo members so they can be contacted relatively easily. I also have a mailing list of 1,000+ other people and so can update them.

In addition, we need to contact all the blogs, etc, and ask them to update their RSS, blogrolls, etc., and post an update on their sites that realneo has moved from .us to .org. And all of us should tell our friends. All that will in itself bring a huge new wave of activity as most of the people we contact will go see what is new at the new realneo.

On the down side, there is no way to update most of the links to so unless we get that URL back on-line then all those links will be dead, and that is a great loss of community connectedness. It will rebuild, but still quite a loss.

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