REALNEO Pollution Source Of The Day: Cleveland Thermal Plant on the Cuyahoga River

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 11/30/2009 - 01:24.

Throughout Northeast Ohio, citizens ar

Also among the worst, Cleveland Thermal is a private coal-fired steam generation polluter, with several plants in downtown Cleveland, serving only commercial customers. They are remotely owned by Ancora Management LLC, an investment management company "that makes and manages investments for a private equity company in operating businesses such as Cleveland Thermal. Ancora is located in Greenwich, CT".  Their 1999 Pollution Emissions Scorecard here in Cleveland was one of the 10 worst in Cuyahoga County:

1999 Pollution Emissions Scorecard Cleveland Thermal

My family and other common Northeast Ohio citizens buy more expensive, more regulated, less polluting public power from public utility plants like

the Lake Shore plant of FirstEnergy

, which is highly polluting for Cuyahoga County but the least polluting of the sample in this comparison, and at least provides service to citizens rather than just corporate and special interests.

Cleveland Thermal Pollution, Cuyahoga River, Cleveland, Ohio


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