Critical observers continue to raise their voice in solidarity

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Max Eternity - A network of Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats are rallying around Barack Obama, the man Michael Moore now describes as "New War President".  A core aspect of this Rovian strategy, concealing Obama's duplicity, is to hijack the Progressive Left through a campaign of infiltration, disinformation and COINTELPRO-styled intimidation.

Directed by Sarah Palin, Joe Lieberman, Newt Gingrich, and Karl Rove, many big business Democrats and pro-oil Republicans are elated that Obama has adopted the "Bush Doctrine", repackaging it in what has now been coined "The Obama Effect." 

Yet with so many opposing a continuation of Bush’s failed and discredited policies, activist oriented voters are feeling betrayed by the President's trillion dollar giveaway to the banks, his escalation of the war and occupation in the Middle East, his adoption of the Patriot Act, his attempts to assist Bush-era war criminals in avoiding facing prosecution, and his failure to address the issues of foreclosure and rampant unemployment.  Thus, it is an attempt by the Right that has failed before it's begun.

Author and social commentator, Naomi Klein, has even asked “Has Obama Turned His Back on Black America?”  

At first glance that may seem odd to ask such a question, considering that the President is African-American.  But with it being very much a part of American history for the occasional Black to betray his own people—finding themselves called out for it, like when Harry Belafonte referred to Colin Powel as a “house slave” for aiding and abetting Bush—as Obama’s pattern of betrayal continues to emerge, Klein’s question may not be so unusual after all.

During the Bush years, that administration sought to label longstanding Progressive organizations like Greenpeace International as terrorist in nature.  Now with tacit approval, Obama's right-wing accomplices are poised to do the same--some already claiming that criticism of Obama is tantamount to heresy, seeking to silence the messengers, in an effort to conceal the Presidents litany of gross domestic and foreign policy failures.

George W. Bush, the former White House resident, was notorious for his police state policies, which saw a dramatic increase in protester arrests, in many cases included protesters being regulated to "protest areas" or camps, that were out of sight of reporters and news cameras.  And now it seems that Obama, however intellectually savvy, is allowing the same brutal policies to continue.  This being most evident recently in Europe during climate change negations, as Obama attempted to derail the Kyoto Protocol, more than 1000 protesters were arrested for participating in legal demonstrations.

Notwithstanding, those committed to peace and justice--critical observers who believe in holding the President to full account--continue to raise their voices in solidarity. 

absurd: the critics have joined Rove, Palin, et al

 To ensure the defeat of Obama and his forward moving policies, a weird coalition has banded together, a mish mash of progressive wanna be's that yell just the stuff that Palin and Rove want to hear, and it gets channeled into one voice. But don't worry, e-ternity, this time next year the newly elected Republican  Senate will have control again, and won't that cheer you up? After all, you say that you are holding Obama accountable, but you started on him two months before he was even inaugurated, and while you profess your past support, I think that you would be happiest with a return to the Bush/Reagan style era. 



Democracy Now! - Longtime South African activist Kumi Naidoo was recently appointed the new executive director of Greenpeace International. In 1986 Naidoo was forced to go underground after he was arrested for violating the apartheid government’s state of emergency regulations. He later became one of the founders of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty. We speak to Naidoo about Obama’s Nobel prize, the status of the Copenhagen summit, climate debt, and how his days resisting the apartheid government have influenced his current fight for climate justice.  Visit Democracy Now!


most non-corporate news sources

 are unanimous on this one... we're getting the shaft.

the excuses are running dry and becoming repetitive.

and Copenhagen is the indisputable proof.