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Open Source Development and Documentation Project

Submitted by Boris Mann on Thu, 10/14/2004 - 01:31.

I've posted about this on my Bryght blog, but also wanted to mention it here.

The Open Source Development and Documentation Project (OSDDP for short) is doing some interesting work in combining open source methodologies and tools to connect students in Purdue's Professional Writing program with the open source community.

Of interest will be their introductory press release:

In a new initiative to foster what Dr. David Blakesley calls "networked
learning," Purdue University students interact with new people and new
technologies to provide valuable open source
documentation. Students in a variety of English courses in the
Professional Writing major will study open source software, talk to its
designers and users, use the software themselves, then write and test
user documentation, help organizations promote their software in the
wider community, and even develop action plans for deploying such
software in new business and academic ventures.

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Some NEO Links

Submitted by Boris Mann on Fri, 10/08/2004 - 14:21.

I did a quick search today for some North East Ohio links. Found two interesting websites:

The weblinks module is turned on, but we need to discuss some categories for it. We can start working on COIL categories/topics.

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