Background on Early Childhood Development

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Sat, 11/20/2004 - 14:58.

Over the past six years, early childhood development has been gradually moving to the center of the economic development agenda. Investments in early childhood make a lot of sense in a global economy that runs on brainpower.  In Northeast Ohio, we could move to a national leadership position by placing early childhood development in the center of our Brainpower strategy. Here are some good links to learn more:

The National Institutes of Health has a good site on core concepts in child development.

The Minneapolis Fed has held an excellent conference on the connection between early childhood development and economic development.

Tha National Institute for Early Education Research maintains a good web site on the latest research.

Kansas City has completed a good report on the early child care industry in the KC metro area.

The Committee for Economic Development, a national business group, has launched an early childhood initiative.

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