Important resources on innovation

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Thu, 01/05/2006 - 21:36.

Innovation will drive our region forward. Here are a few of important papers on the topic. The first comes from Lewis Branscomb, a professor at Harvard and a recognized expert in the U.S. innovation system. His commentary provides a good perspective on the declining relative performance of U.S. innovation. Read more.

The second comes from a top executive at IBM. he notes how innovation is moving toward more open systems. He comments:

What is clear is that the nature of innovation in the 21st century is changing. Innovation needs to be much more open and collaborative, involving not only all the units in the organization, from sales to marketing to R&D, but the world at large. No company, regardless of its success or wealth, can do the bulk of its own R&D and ignore the powerful forces at work out there in the larger community.

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The third comes out of India. It is a good perspective on how the global economy is evolving. The author points out that the issue to think about is not offshoring, but "globally distributed work". Read more.

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