Learning from the Irish Miracle

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Sun, 02/05/2006 - 14:57.

Wisconsin is learning the lessons of the Irish Miracle. Simple enough: education, innovation, collaboriation. We know the path ahead. But somehow, we are not executing very well, according to this insightful commentary. Read more.

Civic leaders in Cleveland should be paying attention. Instead of focusing on convention centers and gambling, we need to build a stronger innovation economy. Convention centers and casinos are part of a tourism strategy that can only generate low wage jobs.

Even worse, gambling will shift employment around in Northeast Ohio, not create many net new jobs in Cleveland. It is highly likely we will not attract enough outside visitors to offset the income drain to our economy. Who wins? Casino owners. Who loses? Most of the rest.

Casinos are a "sucker's bet", yet they have become the central priority for the Greater Cleveland Partnership. Remarkable.

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