Taste of Tremont: Tremont is Delicious!

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Mon, 07/24/2006 - 01:32.

Live music, Morrison dancers, hula hooping roller skaters, art, dogs, ice cream, ethnic and gourmet food -- The Taste of Tremont had it all.

Each of the local restaurants had a tent where they were selling selections from their menu -- most of the tents had long lines. I was there more for the entertainment than the food. I wanted to to see the Sarah Morrion Dance Compamy "busking." By chance I found two of the dancers among the crowd of roller skaters, dogs and others near the Tree House bar.

I have dined at most Tremont restaurants at least once or twice, so I already know they are great! Though I did not buy any food, I did spend some time at Fahrenheit's tent; they had games, cooking lessons, cotton candy and a make your own chef toque station for kids. This is the first hat Claes ever kept on his head for more than a minute! There were lots of things for kids to do, the Children's Pavillion, sponsored by Art House, had crafts and a clown making ballon sculptures.

Just in time for Taste of Tremont, Doubting Thomas Gallery and Asterisks  have up there best shows ever. "New American Art" at Doubting Thomas has some very witty pieces. Artist Dana Depew's work is better than ever (he is the owner of Asterisks).  Joseph Filak's works in  this show are  particularly  raw, brutal and wonderful. Be sure to check out Dana's fantasic light sculptures at Astericks. Buy some art this summer!


Just a taste" of Tremont is probably not enough for most Clevelanders. I realized today that there really is a lot to do here. I have been to the Tremont Arts Fest and I go to the Art Walks regularly, but I saw Tremont from a different perspective today. It started  when I had to drive down some unfamiliar streets to look for parking (Professor Avenue was blocked off for the festival). There are some beautiful views and interesting places to live -- old and new buildings. Getting off the beaten path made me realize there is a vibrant neighborhood here -- something more than the bars and restaurants I know.


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