Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 05/26/2008 - 16:28.

As the American pass time of entertaining ourselves in "cute" and "muscle" gas-burning automobiles comes up against global warming, new corporate tricks are in store.  


Sex in the City has segwayed to sex on the track.   Danica Patrick has become as nuts as the men.


And I think it is all Madison Avenue, desperate to prolong  our delusion with pollution spewing autos. 


Even the graffiti on the concrete block garage wall in the alley has the news:  the checkered flag held on high heels.    Now there are real curves on the track!  Every commercial "news" organ has the story...


We must discharge our gas driven private vehicle transportation fantassy – and getting rid of “professional racing” is a good place to start.   Transporation must be "de-mystified" and viewed only as killing us, not exhalting us.


Memorial Day is for dead soldiers, not for willing fools promoting speed, pollution, and death - and more automobiles.

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