Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 07/20/2007 - 11:19.

Wednesday evening Cleveland State University’s Dance Program brought “Words Alive” to the Drinko Recital Hall at CSU.  Performers combined movement with music, or with dialogue.



Claire Porter’s “Interview” – as in job interview – caught me very powerfully.   We have all been through it – trying to sell ourselves to a prospective employer.  Is it comedy or tragedy having to screw up your self confidence and then – in a closed room on someone else’s turf – basically undress your soul?  


Ms. Porter’s whipsawing psyche – between having to grovel,  having to brag, having to please, having to anticipate, having to have her DNA sampled – provided such a succinct, piercing editorial on America’s job market that I was brought to tears. 


It wasn’t like this when I was younger. 


Ms. Porter’s narrative trailed between disarming hilarity,  pathos, and the perversions endured by present day job seekers. With the minimalist props of a chair and  her paper resume, the human vulnerability in our economic system overwhelmed me.


“Interview” is communication between humans - Ms. Porter and her audience - at its most delicious, poignant,  and painful perfection.  

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