Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 07/12/2007 - 09:27.

Rush hours are abhorrent everywhere (forget inconvenience to us humans - the exhaust is killing the globe), from Boston's SouthEast"Expressway" to the Cleveland Inner Belt and "dead man's curve" (which ODOT will "fix" - right?) to the interstate 5 in LA

But here is a view of a rush hour in Cleveland that is really exhilarating. 


On a windy July afternoon 5:30 is gunnel to gunnel and bow to stern exiting the Edgewater Marina.  There is a regatta every Wednesday afternoon.  A great vantage point is from the break walls just on the west edge of the sewer treatment plant, where there is a public boat launching ramp.


The fact that you can be out on Lake Erie sailing minutes after leaving work in downtown Cleveland is a NEO amenity. 

Rush hour outbound off Edgewater.GIF466.99 KB