EUROPEAN WIND COMPANIES GROW IN U.S. (AP) While Cuyahoga "studies" Erie Wind

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 04/25/2007 - 16:04.


This Associated Press report describes the new manufacturing plants in the United States which will be producing wind turbine blades and other components. 

Meanwhile, the Cuyahoga County Energy "task force", Bill Mason, and the Cleveland Foundation are funding a feasibility study with about $800,000 of taxpayers' money to investigate building - six or more years in the future - "about 10 turbines 3 miles out in Lake Eire off of Cleveland".

What about manufacturing jobs now in NEO?  Why is Cuyahoga "planning" six years out, while other states are so much better organized that they are getting the wind turbine manufacturing jobs NOW? 

NEO is way behind the curve and has its sight set on the wrong goal - the Lake Wind Iconic Dream.  Cuyahoga "study" of lake wind is so retro, I wonder if the Ohio Coal Lobby – coal produces 85% of the electricity in Ohio - is subliminally funding Sustainable Cleveland.  

Don't forget, Exxon Mobil recently provided funds to the Competitive Enterprise Institute to produce reports arguing against Global Warming.   And the Tobacco companies denied cancer resulted from smoking for years and years.  Where there is big money at stake, strange bedfellows are not unusual.

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