Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 16:05.
When you don't have the money to keep the heat on, and it gets cold, the pipes freeze. 

And break.

Then when it warms up like it did over the past two days, the pipes thaw out.

And water floods everything.  

And when the building is filled up, the water pours out under the doors and into the street - just like it is doing at Sweet Daddy's.

Who will pay when the water runs - with the meter likely frozen and inoperable  - wild for weeks? 

Sweet Daddy Tim's is on Woodland in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was a convenience store serving a neighborhood with many boarded up houses.  It shut about 2 months ago. 

When the small stores on the bottom end of the food distribution chain shut, it can be a clear signal that money is drying up in that neighborhood.   I think money is drying up all over Greater Cleveland and North East Ohio. 

Who cares? 

Maybe I just need a drink to improve my perspective....I'm glad the City of Cleveland just loaned K & D 5 million to help them buy a building on Euclid.   At least someone will have a little cash.


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