Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 12/07/2007 - 20:35.

I just learned that Harlow’s Maple Popcorn is produced by Suzanne Finnerty, (who is Mary Beth Matthew’s sister) and Esther Andes (who does marketing).  It is made in Burton, Ohio by Amish gals who work with Ms. Finnerty and Ms. Andes.  The artwork of the Maple Sugar Shack on the cellophane bag is produced by Mary Beth’s sister – hey art runs in that family!


To support local food production, and to have a real tasty treat on hand  for the Holidays, you can buy Harlow’s at Dave’s and at Heinen’s, Lehman’s and at all the gift shops at the Ohio State Parks. 


I am not usually a commercial endorser – but the taste of this maple popcorn stuff has made me break from my usual habit – and, of course, I am keen on supporting Mary Beth’s kin!




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