Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 04/23/2007 - 10:46.

Valdis Krebs studies networks (  Ed Morrison, Betsey Merkel, and Susan Altshuler created I-Open from Regional Economic Issues (REI)


Bill MacDermott comments on the results of embarking on an REI experience on Realneo here


I  want to explore the origins of REI and in particular I want to understand how each of the attendees of REI found out about the seminars and why it was of enough interest to them to attend.   How did REI spread out through the NEO community?  We need to understand the mechanism in order to allow it’s efficient replication elsewhere.


Maybe Valdis already has algorithms for the REI network.  He did take notes from the audience.  But let’s get the background quantified and up on Realneo.


Can someone make a matrix that readers can log on to and fill out?


For Realneo to maximize its potential of social and economic improvement  – is it important to consider each of Realneo’s  readers and contributors as involved in a “political party”.  Or do we on Realneo just run parallel to our paid politicians, letting those politicians consume our tax money doing precisely the opposite of what we discuss on Realneo? 


Also, I think the shape and form of the auditoriums in the Lewis building helped cause improved retention/impact of the materials presented.   Think back to different lectures you have attended – in college- or wherever.  What was the incline of the auditorium seats in the lecture halls where you remember the lecture?

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