Sustainable Elementary School

Submitted by johnmcgovern on Mon, 08/15/2005 - 07:43.

*It seems like there's something quite cool going on in the city of McKinney, Texas. First there was the prototype of an eco-Walmart, then the eco-dealership by Toyota, and now - thanks to reader littleCatalyst for pointing it out - we learn that the city also has a sustainable elementary school that has been named (pdf link) one of the ten Most Environmentally Responsible Design Projects in the Nation by the American Institute of Architects. They have some great green architecture and landscaping, harvest rainwater in 6 cisterns (10,000 gallons capacity) and produce electricity with a wind turbine, but most importantly, they teach the kids about sustainability (it warms my heart!). Read more about it here >>

might this inspire some of the new school construction right here in cleveland?