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If I were king of Cleveland .... A discussion...A arguement... A idea generator

Submitted by Jon Eckerle on Tue, 01/26/2010 - 00:55.

How about a discussion surrounding if we all had a magic wand and no money... or all the funds were earmarked specific funds such as the Shoreway project?

 What would you do? If you were the mayor or the councilman what would you do?

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Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Final Report

Submitted by Jon Eckerle on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 09:48.

The report is final and out...

They forgot my name, but other than that I think it looks pretty good. I know that there are some new substantial programs that are directly a result of this event. I would be interested in your thoughts.

Jon Eckerle 

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The Opportunity To Rethink the Energy Question For Cleveland ... the demise of the AMP Ohio coal plant

Submitted by Jon Eckerle on Thu, 11/26/2009 - 19:31.

(See the link below to the story about the cancellation of the AMP Ohio Plant)

The failure of AMP Ohio plant of which Cleveland was a principle partner is an opportunity to rethink the problem of energy in Cleveland. This was plant that was going to provide base line power to Cleveland Public Power (CPP), and AMP Ohio for the next 50 years. Its cancelation is a reason to celebrate and an opportunity to change the system. CPP is going to need to derive base line power from somewhere.  Can we influence our community to create a sustainable energy strategy that will not only meet our  present power needs, but provide an economic edge in the future. If we are going to have that edge  we need to maximize the assets we have right now. CPP is one of those assets.
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