Childcare Programs Benefit Businesses?

Submitted by RWaxman-Lenz on Fri, 11/26/2004 - 00:32.

How can Northeast Ohio attract and retain educated and skilled employees?  How can businesses in Northeast Ohio gain an increased pool of qualified workers?  A survey conducted by Starting Point, northeast Ohio's child care resource and referral agency, examines family friendly policies in northeast Ohio businesses and institutions.  Read the 2002 Northeast Ohio Work and Family Survey to learn about the results of their work.  Here are some highlights from the executive summary:

 "Research shows child care problems are the most significant indicators of absenteeism and unproductive time at work—totaling an annual cost of $3 billion, according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This does not include the loss of productivity among employees whose attention is diverted by other family concerns."

"Today's workers increasingly cite the ability to successfully balance work and family life as important in choosing an employer-- more important than job security, working conditions or relationships with co-workers and supervisors."

"Today’s employees want more than a paycheck. Surveys show 70 percent of young men and 63 percent of young women are willing to give up some pay for a better family life. Quality of life is increasingly important....Employers in other
parts of the country are making the effort to meet their needs. This region must, too."

"Northeast Ohio competes nationally for its work force....If employers are to attract and keep educated, skilled workers, they need to rethink their commitment to helping employees balance their work and family lives."

"Employers, planners and service providers can all play significant roles in helping
Northeast Ohio become the best place for young families to work and live. The region’s economic future—and that of its employers—may well depend on the emergence of 'family friendly' policies and programs."

Read more of Starting Point's survey.