introducing Lori Vanelli's blog on "The Young of the Working World"

Submitted by Sandy Kristin P... on Thu, 03/31/2005 - 06:20.

Last fall, Lori Vanelli was an enthusiastic early adopter of the livejournal assignment for MGMT 250. This spring for MGMT 251, she found coming up with a topical focus for her blog writing a bit of a challenge, and I'm pleased that her tone of slightly irreverent reflection on herself and others has been retained as she has come to focus on the young of the working world. Over the course of February and March she has written about twixters, boomerang kids, quarterlife crises, and how she and her peers perceive themselves and the challenges that face them. Lori's livejournal is a great introduction to the NEO blogging scene from the point of view of a 20something, and I'm sure she'll stick with it even after the semester ends.

Would you please take a look at Lori's class project for MGMT 251? She would welcome comments from twixters, their parents, Peter Pan types, and anyone with an interest from Northeast Ohio.

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