3278 West 34th Street

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sat, 11/13/2010 - 20:01.
3278 or 3276 West 34th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44109

The other day, while on West 34th, this home was notably vacant, vandalized and transparent as you could see straight through the entire house and its framework.

It was assumed that this apparently vacant and abandoned property was on the list slated to be condemned and demolished along with the others...but today when I drove down the street, there were several crews steadily unloading new windows and doors and installing them on this job with gas powered generators being used for tools.

I was so excited to see "REHABILITATION versus Demolition being conducted that I stopped to ask about the work. They said the owner was renovating it. I was so happy that they were doing this with at least one home on the street.

I pray that these community development, code enforcers, city inspectors, and councilman do not destroy this project with their alterior motives.

As a young child, a hispanic family lived in this home across from us. They were always well behaved, polite, and respectful people. Years later, this property turned into a rental property. One family who lived there had many children and in the mid 90's one of the children was slain right in front of the home. Then, another friend from junior high school's family bought this home for her to live in with her husband and son in the late 90's. She lived there for a couple of years... After that, I lost touch with the direct ownership connections...

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