Activist Donna Brown Hosts Nation Talk, Interviews Journalist Coleman On Illegal Jailing, Mayor Jackson, Judges

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Some Ohio grassroots organizations such as the Oppressed People's Nation (pictured below) support efforts to reform the legal system in Ohio for the betterment of the community, including the Black community, since Blacks are disproportionately impacted by an unfair legal system. They urge the legal community and other stakeholders to listen to the video interview at and  of Community Activist and Journalist Kathy Wray Coleman by host of "Nation Talk" Donna Brown, also a community activist. Activists are pushing for a state law for the assignment and reassignment of Ohio trial court judges to cases by random draw at all times, rather than just sometimes where in some instances they are handpicked in the Cleveland Municipal Court, the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas and elsewhere. This is often, if not always, unconstitutional, and infringes upon due process protections in criminal and sometimes civil proceedings. They also seek elected judges on Ohio trial court cases rather than retired and former judges that are often handpicked to hear cases to sometimes manipulate judicial outcomes for sitting judges removed from cases due to prejudice and other conflicts.

The Imperial Women, a grassroots organization founded relative to the unprecedented murders of 11 Black women on Imperial Ave. in Cleveland, Oh.


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Community Activist and Journalist Kathy Coleman interviews with Community Activist Donna Brown in a 12 minute segment of "Nation Talk" in the interview video at and 

Nation Talk is an Internet program published and sponsored by the Oppressed People's Nation, which is led by Community Activist Ernest Smith. (Editor's Note: Coleman is also a leader of The Imperial Women, a grassroots group founded upon the unprecedented murders of 11 Black women on Imperial Ave in Cleveland, Oh. The group addresses women's issues and other matters of public concern from the legal system, to education, to politics. It also pushes for changes in public policy via enacted or amended legal statutes on community issues. They are a diverse group of Blacks, Whites, men, women and Native Americans that embrace the concept of equal justice and equal opportunity for all people).

Brown and Coleman discuss alleged case fixing through the handpicking of judges at all levels of the judicial continuum in Ohio, including at the Ohio Supreme Court under former Republican Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, who died last April and was replaced via an appointment by outgoing Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland of Democrat Eric Brown, who allegedly carried on Moyer's tradition. Brown lost to the respected and popular Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor in Nov. where the former Lt. Gov got 68 percent of the vote and became the first female Chief Justice in Ohio history.

Community activist groups support any efforts by Chief Justice O'Connor in assisting as to pushing the legislature for a state law requiring that Ohio trial court judges are at all times sitting judges selected by random draw.

In the video interview at and  by Donna Brown Coleman, a former biology teacher and 16-year journalist, discusses how she was jailed and tortured for writing about the judicial assignment process in published articles in Cleveland's Call and Post Newspaper, and for seeking the random draw assignment of Ohio's trial court judges rather than the hand picking process that is often used to fix cases. She addresses what she says is the malicious prosecution enacted by the City of Cleveland via its Law Director Robert Triozzi in alleged retaliation for her writings in the Call and Post , her blogging at, and her community activism on judicial reform and other matters.
The grassroots factions, including the Imperial Women, respectfully request an investigation of Triozzi by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson. And, the Imperial Women would ask that Mayor Jackson rescue targeted Black women from malicious prosecutions by Triozzi, whom he appointed and supervises. They also seek the mayor's support as to other unconstitutional infractions directed at innocent Black women by some police and other city officials.

Enjoy the video interview at and  and The Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog. Com thanks Sister Brown and The Oppressed People's Nation for having the courage and the talent necessary to stand up and put out when the community needs a vehicle to know what's going on. Visit Nation Talk on (Editor's Note: Brown is featured, and while she is interviewing Coleman, Coleman is not pictured. Enjoy, nonetheless).
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