Aggressive pronouncements lead to escalation of mayhem or calm control Mr. Trump?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 03/15/2016 - 10:21.

 A few weeks back Mr. Trump at one of his round-ups announced with a smile that he "would like to punch (a person being ejected from the event) in the face!"   and went on to say that "it would be nice to see the guy go out on a stretcher".    

The crowd cheered cuz they like a guy who tells it like it is - Mr. Trump.

Last Friday evening in Chicago Mr. Trump and the Chicago police decided it was unsafe to carry on with a rally - so the venue was shut down and the event cancelled.      Let's assume Mr. Trump still had to pay for the venue?

Mr. Trump blamed Mr. Sander's supporters.   


As future Commander in Chief Mr. Trump says he will be a tough guy - punch any country in the face if they give the USA any crap.    

The crowd loves that type of diplomacy!   Blast away!   Put 'em all on stretchers!

Sadly, Mr. Trump's "diplomacy" has failed to mature - even after his first hand experience with his own little microcosm of crowds at his own events.    

Dish out tough guy talk and actions - get it back immediately with interest.  Stupid, DEAD END philosophy!



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