Areas of metropolitan Oklahoma City in shreds Monday afternoon after a massive tornado moved through region - 24 dead so far

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(WITH TEARS - WHEN THIS HAPPENS IN CLEVELAND OHIO ETC. LISTEN TO SOPHIA GET UP UNDER A BRIDGE AND OR UNDER GROUND -AS OF POSTING OTHER KILLER TORNADOS HITTING) Areas of metropolitan Oklahoma City appeared to be in shreds Monday afternoon after a massive tornado moved through the region. "The houses are destroyed. ... Completely leveled," a helicopter pilot for CNN affiliate KFOR said. A school was apparently among the structures leveled by the twister.

As many as 28 tornadoes were reported in Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois and Iowa, according to the National Weather Service, with Oklahoma and Kansas the hardest hit. Some of those reports might have been of the same tornado.


Up to TWENTY-FOUR children feared dead in rubble of flattened elementary school after giant TWO-MILE tornado rips through densely-populated suburb of Oklahoma City

  • Two entire schools flattened in Moore, Oklahoma after monster tornado touched down just after 3pm local time
  • Up to two dozen children are trapped under debris at one of the schools, Plaza Towers Elementary
  • At least 51 people confirmed dead, authorities say, and at least another 120 injured in local hospitals
  • Children told to hold on to the walls, while teachers shielding the students with their bodies
  • Hundreds of homes wiped out and more than 8,000 people left without power after up to 200 mph winds pulverized a 30-square-mile stretch
  • Reports that the devastating tornado appeared larger than 1999 storm in the area that left 36 people dead
  • More tornadoes now heading east towards Meaker, Ryan and Wilson in Oklahoma

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