BRICK BUILDING - and the 3 little pigs

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 07/28/2009 - 11:43.

 These two trucks carry brick faced precast building facades down the US Interstate, while in Cuyahoga County the FBI patiently waits for the recently indicted to provide support for further Cuyahoga indictments, and while Cuyahoga County Commissioner Tim Haggan blithely continues to violate the basic ethical tenant that politicians recuse themselves from involvement in any official business which involves their personal friends (in the MEDCON case it is Mr. Haggan’s friend Chris Kennedy) .

So is there any connection between brick building parts on trucks and the condition of Cuyahoga government?
Businesses of all kinds have mobility.   Business make choices about where to locate, and what locations to avoid - just like the 3 Little Pigs made choices about how substantial their homes should be built.
Business can locate where they choose, and move all manner of awkward products to markets elsewhere.  While it has been common to see straw and sticks (lumber), and even bricks trucked around town, it is not that common for brick buildings to be built and shipped in sections. 
As labor  costs, public health policy, and transportion technologies develop, industries have more flexibility to locate one place and sell their products elsewhere.
If you were in charge of establishing a business which built brick faced precast concrete building facades for sale in the Eastern United States, where would you locate that business? 
In Cleveland, Ohio? In Cuyahoga County?  In the Eastern United States?
Or in Canada?


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