A brief summary of my experience- Pavarini for Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts

Submitted by pavman on Mon, 11/07/2011 - 22:13.

Over the last few months, REALNEO has been instrumental in getting the word out, THANK YOU!  

I've absorbed a decade worth of experience and wisdom in just a few months about not only politics and campaigning, but also about life and humanity.  I previously believed basic training (military), and jumping out of a perfectly good plane (skydiving), should be a requirement for every American.  I'm now adding running for political office to that list of compulsorily requirements.

One of the most disappointing things I've discovered is people don't vote.  It's ironic that in a country with the most right to vote, we have the least interest in voting.  The apathy is quite disturbing, if not down right disgusting.  Don't people realize the more apathetic they become, the worse things will get?  Don't people realize the corrupt politicians don't care about them?  During this race, no City of Cleveland Council people would return my calls for the first few months.  In the last few weeks, one met with me.  I asked the council person "Wouldn't it be great if our court worked correctly?" and their response was astonishing... they said NO... we like the system just how it is, because that helps us connect with our constituents by solving the problems.  Disgusting to me, but kudos for the honesty from them... 

Over the past few months, I've done my best to get the word out.  But it hasn't been easy.  I don't have big money the politicians have... and I've put myself in serious personal debt to do this.  Churches that hosted other politicians (including the incumbent, Earle B. Turner) refused to return our calls let alone allow me to speak to their congregations.  I'm a registered Democrat, but was barred from speaking at many Democratic Ward Club meetings.  Block clubs throughout the city suddenly told me they don't allow politicians to speak... even though I was previously on the board of TWDC and we regularly had candidates come and speak.  News media ignored us... despite almost weekly press releases... isn't it newsworthy that someone was willing to step up against a long time incumbent?

One of the most hopeful things I've discovered is that people are all the same... we're all just trying to make it through life the best we know how.  I've personally walked and canvassed the top voting precincts in the city.  From east side to west.  Since what I want to do is help the community, the people, I personally met with neighborhood groups such as the Guardian Angels, and the New Black Panthers.  They all support me.  It's really pretty simple: Just do your job, help each other!

We have enormous community support... and will win this race.  What I'm asking of the readers of REALNEO is to help with this final push.  Spend twenty minutes today, RIGHT NOW... TXT message, facebook, twitter, voicemail, and personally call everyone you know... tell them "VOTE PAVARINI FOR CLERK OF COURTS... PASS IT ON!".  Don't forget the PASS IT ON... the most important part.   We will win!

PLEASE... do it now, the election is tomorrow!

(We could always use more poll workers, too... call us at 216-255-5225 or email electphil [at] clevelandmuniclerk [dot] org... we'll get you some literature for the polls!) www.facebook.com/clevelandmuniclerk

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