Christmas Memories

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When I was six years old...I was a ward of the State of Ohio.  I lived in a house, where I-480 is right now. All the children at school was talking about this TALKING CHRISTMAS TREE...I didn't believe them...I believed they were all pulling my leg.  They said "this tree" was across the street from my house at a O'Niels store ...which, is now a Macy's store at Great Northern Mall.  Somehow, I can't remember how it was, that, I snuck away from my house ... but, I DID GO TO O'NIELS TO SEE FOR MYSELF.  The store was about to close and I was still trying to FIND THIS TREE!  The announcement that the store was closing and every one had to leave was given...and I was very angry, cause, I felt the class pulled a trick on me...and I was getting ready to leave...and in the back corner..."IT" caught my eye...There "IT" was!  I rushed over; "IT" was a  little christmas tree standing up on this picnic folding table, with a sheet covering the bottom; mind you...I WAS THE LAST PERSON left in the store; so, I walked over to this tree and said "well... what ya gonna say" (feeling kinda stupid...talking to some tree) it was still quiet.  Now I was furious (mind you, I was getting my dupa spanked real hard with a wooden paddle, when I got back to the house).  I turned to walk away...and heard the tree sing "I AM THE TALKING CHRISTMAS TREE WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY TO ME?"  This tree really talks!!!  I was surprised...but, this can't can this be?  All of a sudden he sang "I AM THE TALKING  CHRISTMAS TREE WHAT ARE YOU  GOING TO SAY TO ME?" and then the sheet moved...and I thought, I was Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz, when, the curtain moved and she seen the wizard was a hoax!  I pulled the sheet up...and there HE was!  "You ain't no TALKING CHRISTMAS TREE...YOU ARE A FAKE! I started to cry...I'm going to get spanked real hard! You are a hoax!"Well, so much for that; I did get my dupa reddened.   So,years later, when I was 9 years old, when I went back to my"real family" I had 2 brothers and a mentally challenged sister...(I was the oldest). I wanted to see Mr. Jingling.  So, we told my Mother we were going to the play ground....we lived on Buckeye Road.  We collected some pop bottles and cashed them in and went to the Shaker Rapid on the rapid and went downtown for the see Mr. Jingling.  When we were standing in line there was a big crowd around this table and the area had been "roped off" and there "IT" was...singing "I AM THE TALKING CHRISTMAS TREE WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY TO ME?" My sister said "look there "IT" lied.."IT" talks.  I said..."I told you"IT" is fake!  "No no" she said.  I said "watch"...I ran past the rope and pulled up the sheet and the guy didn't know what to do under the table ...he just looked at me...I said...I got my ass spanked for you 2 years ago...remember ME?  I hate you..."  They escorted us out.  So the following year we went downtown...THEY put "IT" on a stage and a steel rail around the stage.... I stood there shouting "your a fake", and they escorted us out again.  I went to TALK to "IT" every year.

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