Cleveland police investigating two ARMED weekend ROBBERIES carjackings in Tremont(ARM YOUR SELFS-READ EMAIL OF MOTHER & COMMENTS

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Police are investigating two armed carjackings in the city's Tremont neighborhood this weekend.

The carjackings, which came nearly 30 hours apart, follow a string of armed robberies this spring in the trendy West Side neighborhood, which boasts restaurants, bars, art galleries and cultural festivals.

Kelly Kadas (mother of victim son -  Cops told him, dude move out.(of tremont)

The first carjacking came about 5 a.m. Saturday morning. An employee at Barrio was leaving the bar when two men emerged from the restaurant's patio, according to a police report. 

One of the men, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, pistol-whipped the man and told him to "Lay down or I'll kill you," according to the report. 

The man gave up the keys to his GMC Envoy, his wallet and his cellphone, and the assailants drove away.

Police found the car ditched on Ovington Avenue near East 66th Street Saturday night. Inside was a red hooded sweatshirt, a freshly opened bag of potato chips and a recently consumed beverage, according to a police report. 

The second incident came about 10:30 p.m. Sunday, according to police reports. A couple parked their cars at West 7th Place and Novak Court. Two men wielding black pistols came up from behind them, ordered the man and woman on the ground, and told them not to say anything, the report said.

The robbers took the keys to their two cars and cellphones, and drove off. The man was able to track his cellphone to the area of East 93rd Street and Harvard Avenue, according to the report.

As of early Monday morning, police had made no arrests, according to the reports. Cleveland police spokesman Lt. Ali Pillow did not respond to a request for comment Monday.

The couple's cars are described as a gray 2013 Toyota Corolla, with license plate GHX4586, and a black 2011 Toyota Corolla with license plate EYH6354. 

None of the victims were able to give a detailed description of their attackers.


My son and girlfriend were just robbed at gunpoint cars wallets, keys phones everything, police came no help 2 black males wearing all black

  • Claire Brown Sorry to hear this! Where did this happen, Kelly?
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  • Kelly Kadas Just now, I need help nothing is being done wtf
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  • Kelly Kadas They put a f ING gun to their heads in front of their own house on 5th
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  • Claire Brown That's awful. I'm so sorry! No leads?
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  • Del Gray Oh shit!
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  • Kevin Barre Does Zach still live over by us on 6th or is he on 5th? What area of 5th?
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  • Man Ny God… .on West 5th… too close for comfort really sorry… .going toward Literary if u don't mind
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  • Man Ny C. C. L. s people… yes it's nice here people but criminals are counting on u to have a false sense of security and there fore not be expecting something like this to happen because its "Tremont" ppl thinking we are sitting ducks
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  • Sean McGrane Was there ever an arrest in the shooting by the Treehouse last month? No one has provided any updates. Could be the same group.
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  • Kelly Kadas Yes on novak and 6th,got 2 cars
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  • Debbie Mack Sorry to here that.glad they r okay.
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  • Dave Santiago Kelly any other specific descriptions on what was taken. Car make/ model taken or car used to assist in the robbery? Any other descriptions on the the males, age, height, weight, hair, clothes, dark/light skin. Description of the weapon. What was the exact location/ corner there are many cameras in the area with awesome business owners and terrific it residents in the area who have been great assistance in the past and willing to help. 

    I know it does not seem like much immediate help is being done but any further information is appreciated and can assist in further investigation.
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  • Alyssa Birge Sommer This is awful news! I'm so sorry. Nobody should have to feel this way I front of their own home. Stupid a-holes!! 

    Did you ever get any help? Leads?
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  • Kelly Kadas Middle of ally by novak CT, about 10 1030, got his 2013 Toyota corolla, and his girlfriend 2009 corolla, wallets, keys phones 2 black males dresses head to toe in black and hoods, 2 handguns ,
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  • Kelly Kadas Made police report immediately , they have all info
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  • Kelly Kadas Younger 20 or under
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  • Kelly Kadas Laid them down in yard, put gun to both, a car pulled threw but sped away backwards, either a third guy, or a real weak human being, they saw them there, no doubt
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  • Dave Santiago Thank you Kelly. 

    I am sorry your son and his girlfriend had to go through this. 

    I will be sure to pass this information along and keep special attention to the area.
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  • Alyssa Birge Sommer What a bunch of thug punks! How scary!! Leave good people alone! Is everyone doing ok?
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  • Kelly Kadas Yes, they are all safe thank God. It could have been so much worse
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  • Kelly Kadas Cops told him, dude move out.
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  • Alyssa Birge Sommer I'm glad your girl and son are safe and ok. What a horrible scary encounter. I hope the police can find out who these scumbags are. Jeez. We would just like to live here in peace!!!!!!!
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  • Kelly Kadas Its heartbreaking, I can't explain the situation and how it feels, the mama bear in me wants to hunt them down, but I have sense, the feeling is like a freight train tho
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  • Man Ny Very sad … I just got here and I feel like it's such a nice neighborhood that could go right back to what it was in the 80s and 90s because who would want to live here with ppl victimizing its residents all the time.
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  • Jennifer Kirk Sorry to hear about this. How scarry for them. Glad they are ok though. Hopefully they catch those assholes
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  • Kelly Kadas Its 6th typo
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  • Denise Kadilak This is awful I can't believe the location where it happen!
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  • Eric Radca We live in the 5th most dangerous city. Be aware of your surroundings
Eric Radca's photo.

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  • Shannon McLaughlin Sorry to hear this. I am so glad they are ok.
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  • Drew Lapso This happened right behind my house, next to my garage. This is way too close for comfort. I'm so glad they are ok but this has seriously got to somehow stop. We work way too hard for this.
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  • Drew Lapso I wish I would have been there to somehow help. This makes me so angry
  • Sean McGrane Did the responding officer really say "Dude, move out"? That is outrageous if true.
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  • Kelly Kadas He sure did
  • Kelly Kadas Also, my son is no small guy, and a wrestler, they seem to target couples so the men won't fight back, had 2 guns, one to her head one to his flat down on the ground, her father is angry at her, for being in Tremont at 10pm on a Sunday... . This is how we are viewed around here now. I'm sickened
  • Eric Radca Is that by all that section 8 housing
  • Kelly Kadas Other end but yes
  • Eric Radca Yeah. Never understood why the city gave that prime real estate to crackheads and drug dealers
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  • Kelly Kadas That government money, assholes.
  • Claire Brown What was the exact location they were held up, Kelly?
  • Keith Cottrell That area is not near section 8 housing. It is surrounded by $300,000 houses. And it should be noted that practically every time they catch muggers / robbers in Tremont they are people that do not live in that area. The section 8 housing is not the problem.
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  • Kelly Kadas Im half tempted to close our business here and run for the woods
  • Kelly Kadas 6th and novak
  • Kelly Kadas They live by that ally just past the mini stone hedge
  • Kelly Kadas Andrew Thomas contact me when you get to work, could use some guidance

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