Cleveland Voters voting NO on tax increase Issue 108 will help terminate the poorly performing public schools in Cleveland

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 11/05/2016 - 20:27.



Compared with other large metropolitan school districts around the United States, Cleveland's public school children are more than 3 years behind the average - only Detroit's school system performs more poorly for its students.    

Four years ago Cleveland's Mayor Jackson sought and got special State legislation which would allow the Mayor to chose his own school board.   The Mayor also sought and got a large tax increase to fund the "Transformation" of Cleveland schools. 

What results/improvements did the citizens tax money obtain for the education of the citizens' children?  


So, don't throw more good money down the drain.   The schools system is a failure.     In situations where there is failure one needs to decide if the failure is fixable or if the entire business needs to be terminated.  

Take the recent failure of the Samsung Note 7 smart phone....Samsung decided to terminate the product all together - not spend more money "fixing" it.    Read more about how Samsung addresses failed products here at Business Insider.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School System will not improve with more money.   

One is wise to Vote No on Issue 108.

Please also read Eric Brewer's report card "F for Mayor Jackson" here on




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