Congratulations and much love for Max Eternity - A + A says of Eternity, "To Write, Paint and Save a Monument"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 04/28/2010 - 10:39.

I just received great news from our friend Max Eternity - very inspiring developments for him in Atlanta, including saving a Breuer (why we all met Max in the first place)... CONGRATUALTIONS AND THANK YOU MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Family, Friends and Colleagues:

When I was asked the other day to be interviewed by Architects + Artisans, it caught me by such surprise that all I could do was laugh.  You see, in the last several years I've spent so much of my time thinking, talking and writing about others--advocating for various causes--that it had become unfamiliar to actually have someone want to write about who I was, my art, and what I was doing personally.
For a piece entitled "To Write, Paint and Save a Monument", the Editor of A +A, Mike Welton, who has written for The New York Times, Interior Design Magazine and Dwell Magazine, writes in part:

Now that he’s saved Marcel Breuer’s last building from the wrecking ball, Max Eternity has returned his attention to the things that really matter, like painting and publishing.

In 2008, when he learned that the city of Atlanta planned to demolish the Bauhaus master’s downtown library, the Marietta, Ga. native kicked a campaign into gear to stop it.


“It was his last building after the Whitney in New York,” Max said of the building at Peachtree and Forsyth. “Basically, I just stood up and said ‘No.’ I created three web sites and a petition, and got it listed on the World Monument Fund Watch List. I led a forceful movement and galvanized people.”


He enlisted help from the AIA, from the Museum of Modern Art’s chief curator of art, Barry Bergdoll, and from Breuer’s personal secretary, Isabelle Hyman. The city backed down last year, and like Cincinattus the citizen/soldier, the artist retreated to his canvas and his writing...

 The article includes 13 images of my artwork, and can be found here in its entirety.