Dear Santa

Submitted by lmcshane on Fri, 12/16/2011 - 08:43.
Dear Santa

Brooklyn Methodist Memorial Church in Brooklyn Centre--sadly, organ and pews you see were recently torn out and sold in the sale of the church to another congregration.  This sale apparently also fell through--contact the North Coast District UMC for more information on how to acquire this amazing landmark church--

Upside of pews removed--means more versatile space for community events--also many congregations prefer piano--this magnificent building is built on the Akron plan with a large main chapel, a smaller chapel and theatre, seating and full kitchen in the basement.  The building was also equipped for ADA access, has ample parking and off second chapel--student studio rooms.  It is an ideal place for a musical arts organization.

Would love to see Baldwin Wallace take over this complex and make available for music education programming...Baldwin Wallace already owns the adjacent Affinity House on Archwood.

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