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Ryan Florio - great reporting by Ed Brodie McDonald

More research into EAST WEST LLC, and their agent Ryan Florio, and the properties sold them by Slavic Village

Development for $170,000,


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Seven properties on E 55th and Broadway including abandonned Erie Savings and Loan.  Are these buildings being used as collatoral?  Purchased from Slavic Village Development.

Is Ryan Florio part of NJ family Plymouth Park?



Ed raises issue of buildings used as collatoral. 



Tax bills pushing some to brink of foreclosure

Hard times are causing more homeowners to fall behind on their property taxes. 


Aug. 18, 2009, 1:12 PM EDT / Source: The New York Times







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CLEVELAND — It was the first library Andrew Carnegie donated to the city of Cleveland more than a century ago. However, it’s been a long time since people went inside the closed Broadway Avenue branch in Cleveland’s Slavic Village.

Now, Darl Schaaff, an Alaskan entrepreneur, is finishing up work inside as he converts it into The Darl Center for the Arts.

Schaaff explained the collection consists of 400 pieces of art he's accumulated over the years.

Great Reporting by Ed McDonald FIRE GUS FRANGOS



57 views May 15, 2024 SLAVIC VILLAGE

In December 2017, it was announced that Inca Tea owner Ryan Florio had purchased multiple parcels in Cleveland's Slavic Village Neighborhood. This brought hope that these properties would be renovated and the corner of East 55th and Broadway would be brought back to life. See this article from Newschannel 5: https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/l... The last update the community received was in 2023 with news that some of the properties would be demoed to make room for an apartment project, and while we waited that maintenance on these properties would be addressed ( https://neo-trans.blog/2023/05/11/big... ) A year after that meeting......the buildings that were part of that purchase continue to pose a danger to the community and there have been no further updates on the development of these properties. #AbandonedOhio #thisiscle #thisiscleveland #slavicvillage #clevelandactivist #Cleveland #cle #slavicvillagecleveland #AbandonedCleveland #ittakesavillage