Everyone I have ever met is so important and significant and memorable - Larry G

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They say that the best camera is the one you have with you.   It's true. 

Carry a camera, and you are more apt to get the images. 


When I went to my friend's gas station, there was Larry, reading the newspaper next to the desk in the office, with his glasses almost falling off his face.

I yelled "Hi, Larry", and he looked up - summer afternoon, in a trance, reading the paper.    

Larry, the lifetime bodyman, auto-body-man.  Bondo, primer, paint. 

Larry, always without a mask.  Breathing a haze of heavy metals, and lacquer solvents.  

Always in a good mood. 

Just after I took this image (July 2003) I heard a very sad story.   It was just before Christmas, and Larry had put cash for his nieces in a few envelopes - but then accidentally put the envelopes full of cash in the trash.  

We chased the trash trucks to the dump my gas station friend told me.  We didn't make it. 

A few months later Larry died. 


That's this image. 


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