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Rokakis-Frangos latched on to CDBG funds for demos in 90s

Tremont was their test ground for the use of HUD city demolition funds.  Both Cleveland Council men knew the Tremont area from growing up there.  Now, the dots all seem to fall together.  How much money have these two political crooks amassed?  Will they be taking it to their graves like their close council friend Ray Pianka??

Let's look at a typical City of Cleveland Community Development Budget proposed for last year - and note that Neighborhood Development Allocations are the funds that council members spend at their discretion.  It has also been typical of council members to move these monies around to other wards.  


CDBG Program


Homeowners Rehabilitation Assistance (includes an estimated $500,000 in program income)

$ 1,726,566

Housing Trust Fund (includes an estimated $800,000 in program income)

$ 800,000

Code Enforcement

$ 419,000

Anti Predatory Lending

$ 97,416

Demolition/Board Up (includes an estimated $500,000 in program income)

$ 1,500,000

Public Services: AIDS Prevention

$ 309,393

Public Services: Third Party Not for Profit Organizations

$ 1,260,128

Public Services: Homeless Assistance

$ 623,454

Land Reutilization Activities

$ 1,536,908

Community Gardening

$ 126,057

Commercial Development: Storefront Renovation

$ 452,241

CDC Operating Support Grants (administrative support)

$ 1,135,739

Citywide Development Assistance Grants (administrative support)

$ 246,221

Neighborhood Development Activities

$ 7,600,000

Fair Housing

$ 85,950

Administration (Direct and Indirect)

$ 3,445,764

TOTAL CDBG (Includes $1,800,000 estimated program income)

$ 21,364,837

HOME Program (Housing Programs)

Homeowners Rehabilitation Assistance (includes an estimated $400,000 in program income)

$ 700,900

Housing Trust Fund

$ 2,165,852

CHDO Affordable Housing

$ 612,000

HOME Program Administration

$ 343,427

TOTAL HOME (includes an estimated $400,000 in program income)

$ 3,822,179

ESG Program Emergency Solutions Grant--rental assistance and shelters.



$ 1,808,259

HOPWA Program Programs for people with AIDS



$ 952,331

TOTAL, Estimated HUD FUNDING (2016-2017)

$ 27,947,606

(From Brian Davis - http://www.neoch.org/cleveland-homeless…/…/city-of-cleveland)